Refund at first scan for seller-fulfilled returns


I agree it is anti competitive, but I do also have a feeling it’s only coming about because the left arm of amazon doesn’t know what the right arm is doing.


I think it’s because they’re collecting interest by withholding refunds for high value items over a month. Maybe I’m just being too cynical…


may I ask why you had to pay for postage was your request to return after the returns date? I bought a smart watch for my sister but she already had one so it was returned they originally demanded that I pay the postage until I asked them why was I paying for return postage when I had to pay all postage costs when one of my customers ask to return. I said if this is the case then my customers should also pay to return I very quickly received a pre paid stamp from them and no response to my question if my own customers should be charged for returns.


I have no idea… maybe because it was amazon warehouse so it’s considered a used/like new item?

Everything was totally in policy, returned within 5 days of receiving it. I was clear with the return description that the screen was damaged and outer packaging was not damaged.

If it were you or me, we’d be covering that customer’s return. In fact, I think this even falls under consumer rights protections. But amazon itself is above all that, apparently. I was issued a ‘customer pays’ label, and there wasn’t even anywhere to add my own tracking number to the return.


I would have fought with them under distance seller rules they are liable for your return.


any advice please. Shipped an order yesterday approx 50 euros to spain tracked. Customer today places a return (no longer needed) request. They clearly haven’t even recieved this item yet, Next thing i am expecting an A-Z claim. anyone faced anything like this before or any advice on how to handle this. We don’t have a EU returns address, are there any courier/label options we could send the customer to return the item.


As its over €25 it won’t be auto refunded (until 30th sept)
You’ll need to accept it and provide a prepaid return label

Message the customer and tell them to contact you when it arrives so that you can organise the return - as they may have been trying it on to get a free product

I’d say something along the lines of thank you for your order etc. You have received the return request. Tracking shows its on its way
You’ll monitor the tracking but if they can message you on receipt, you’ll upload the returns info and label etc

Hopefully they’ll change their mind !


great advice thank you. do you know any company that we can send a pre–paid label if they do decide to follow through on this. I know dpd and DHL etc can do this but is there a cheaper option if anyone knows.

thank you


I would suggest to the customer the easiest is to deny the delivery if they changed their mind so the parcel gets returned to you.


As I said on many occasions: They won’t stop with the seller abuse. Every new policy is simply in favor of the buyer, potentially opened for abuse. And of course complete silence from the mods, whom by the way are reading every single post on this forum. It’s the instructions from above, isn’t it?


…and now it has been postponed until 24 October !

I wonder if they have had so many complaints about it ?
The whole idea needs to be scrapped, and we should be able to manage our own returns in the most appropriate way, choosing how they are returned and what shipping method, appropriate to the value of the item, none of this automatic stuff, as there are so many possible scenarios to autmate it.


RFS is working in Amazon US from May 2021 so don’t think it will go away but it could just be more complex technically to implement it in EU/UK than USA.


Well, if this is now live then it’s time to turn off Amazon sales. How can I risk selling high-value items under this crazy policy?

Hasta la vista, baby. Been a fun(ish) 19 years.


According to sellers using .com, the Safe-T claims system actually works pretty well in the event of being scammed through this policy, so maybe give it a chance first.


Well - a resoundingly wonderfuly start to my first Safe-T Claim

Buyer claimed the return missed the delivery date, which it didn’t, so simply tried to open a Safe-T Claim under the reason the buyer used an innaccurate return reason code with proof the order was delivered before the delivery date.

They’ve come back having detailed what to do if the parcel is lost, damaged or undelivered - once again, absolutely nothing to do with the Safe-T Claim I opened.

Should also add they’ve linked to carrier operational issues in Seller Fulfilled Prime. We aren’t SFP.

It’s just one thing after another.


This is going to be a living day mare. I have already posted a few comments. If they want to end up with out sellers I can’t think of a better way to hack us off. It’s very strange how if ANYONE posts something Amazon doesn’t like the mods are on it with in minutes. Why after all of the comments was this still allowed to go ahead? I wonder how long before my comment is deleted or closed?


Absolute banter. Amazon just like to take the meeky with TPS and it is getting worse.

With the contact courier message, you are pretty sure courier will not entertain your claim and will swiftly dismiss it by telling you you are not the account holder and that act holder should file a caim for loss.

Partners when it suits them but bullies when you need them to do things right