Refund at first scan for seller-fulfilled returns


The refund part for Amazon is automated however the process for raising a Safe-T claim and appeal could be costly administration cost for both the seller and Amazon.

I think they over complicate these sorts of issues keeping it simple easy to follow would benefit all.


Evri Europe According to Wikipedia

The company was founded in 1972 in West Germany, and entered the market in East Germany in 1990. It is one of the common German parcel services. It expanded to France in 1997, the United Kingdom in 2000, Austria in 2007, Italy in 2009 and Russia in 2010. In modern Germany, Hermes Logistik Gruppe (HLG) is the country’s largest post independent provider of deliveries to private customers


Im not talking about Europe I don’t sell there ! I’m talking about the UK.


I think the hoop jumping is a deliberate design, created to dissuade a large proportion of sellers to simply write off stock rather than waste additional time on a complicated, time consuming process where stated policy is inconsistently applied - but I’m cynical like that.


I just commented as Evri Grattan statement is at odds with My Hermes’ (now Evri) history.


How about doing away with the hard part for buyers and having a purchase-free refund? Just give money ‘back’ to ‘buyers’ from sellers accounts.


I think it’s only a matter of time before each refund is accompanied with a £5 amazon voucher, paid for by sellers, of course!:rofl:


Please don’t give them ideas as the £5 voucher would be issued automatically by Amazon with no opt out and they would charge us £5.50 for doing so. (I can actually see them doing this btw, if a customer requests a refund for specific reasons, very customer certric and they can monetise the customer experience, sigh).


Yeah got my first 50% refund today from SAFE-T for an item that was damaged beyond use. 50% refunded £130 for a £260 item. Its better if they send an empty box, different item or claim the item didn’t arrive as you get 100% reimbursed. I have appealed the 50% but don’t hold out any hope at all.


I have tried several times now, as you say it is best if the Buyer does not return the item at all!

With damaged items, Amz now show in their Terms for Safe-T Claims 50% maximum is paid only, not 100% as it was originally when set up (they still charge Amz fees, so not realt as much as that of course)


The only real way around this is higher proces on Amz compared to elsewhere with the same Seller, so on Amz say an item is £120, but on the other sites it is £100 still - that way Buyers choose, but a lot of Sellers will need to do the same .

I noticed with clothing that is now the case, so e/b has it £10 and on Amz it is £15 - and Amz are saying clothing not very busy, so if that happens with a lot of items, who knows.

I also gather this policy has been on Amz USA, so any comments from any Sellers that sell there?

Only good thing I can see is less A-Z and less and f/b probably. But encourages Buyers to send back broken items of course and not take any care. So higher rate of returns in general is likely.


It would probably increase in value the more the customer returns items as well …


Just what I was going to say. I sell Dog Harnesses etc and even though I include a measuring guide and size guide buyers still return 2/3 a day. Quite often they will quote an incorrect reason for the return to get free postage but will they get a full refund for an item they they bought the incorrect size



just imagining how many returns we will get once they are free to customer.


So, how many Sellers will now impliment a price difference between Amz to cover this, compared with other sites they sell on, without this policy


OMG the irony. Rules for thee and not for me!

Maybe they should follow their own rules???

I ordered a samsung galaxybook laptop from amazon warehouse. It was damaged upon arrival, having come in a massive box… literally a meter long box with a tiny laptop box that bounced around inside. I suspect the inner cord that connected to the screen came loose during transport, as the monitor had lines across it.So I opened a return and sent it back.

  1. I had to pay my own return postage. Over £7.
  2. Royal mail 2nd class signed for showed it arrived at the warehouse on 12 Sept.
  3. I spoke with like chat on 14 September. They said to wait 2 days for it to be scanned in.
  4. Nothing happened. On 20 September I contacted them again. Now they’ve had it for 8 days. They told me they would auto refund via chat. This failed. They transferred me to another department. That department asked me to send my postage receipt to an email. I did so, and came back to the chat. They had hung up on me.
  5. I opened a new chat. They asked me to send the receipt to a different email. In the 2 minutes that it took to do so, they also hung up on me.
  6. I opened a new chat, begging them to please not hang up while I sent email. They finally got the receipt. Then they said it will take 14 days for the refund, and if that does not happen, please wait 30 days. But at least they would update my return status to ‘delivered’.
  7. Today is day 9 after ‘first scan’. I checked my return status, only to realize the whole return on my amazon dashboard had been deleted. It was asking me to print a new label, with a new RRMA. As if my return had never existed to begin with.
  8. I had them call me instead of chat. After some hold time, they told me not to worry that the return was deleted and I still had to wait the 30 days.
  9. I’m kind of panicking now because it’s a £500 machine delivered to them 9 days ago, and not only have they never acknowledged it, but they deleted my RRMA and are demanding that I stop contacting them for an entire month.

Yet sellers must follow entirely different rules. I’m sorry, but this is anti-competetive behaviour, to hold sellers to completely different standards than you do yourself.

also: NEVER EVER buy anything expensive from amazon warehouse! They will steal your return!


Goodness - you took a big risk there - you would have only ben covered for up to £50 if it had got lost, or damaged in transit.


I figured it would need signature just to be safe (knowing how amazon works) and Royal Mail has always been reliable for my parcels.

Tracked options were cheaper, however they didn’t include signature. And special delivery would have been £15 out of pocket, since I’m paying for my own return for a broken item… on a return that doesn’t even exist in the system at this point, and I’m having to take their word for it that ‘they’ll get around to check in around a month from now’

If it wasn’t signed for I’d be totally screwed. Not that they’re acknowledging their own signature…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just delete our own returns after the customer sent the item back :rofl:?


You can add a signature onto Tracked


eh, this was the cheapest way in my case, and the post office is literally next door to me so RM is convenient. I’ve never once had a 2nd parcel go missing. Plenty of letters and large letters, but not parcels. In any case it arrived as expected with signature. A signature which they won’t acknowledge.

Reddit has a long thread about others in the same boat. Seems to be a new policy over the last couple months, that anything in that price range is now held until inspection and refunds are taking 6 weeks+ in some cases.

But for us, it’s refund at first scan of course

Anti. Competitive. Behaviour.