Oohhh new forum design coming


Nice to see a new forum design being launched next month.

Not sure if this means the mods are coming back. It will be interesting to see what the improved functionality is.


This is Amazonworld - they have to fix the forums, because they are not broken.


Yes, a forum redesign is top of my “Things that need Fixing” list.


As my grandma said, careful what you eish for !!!


Let’s hope the new forums will need a seller password to access.


Maybe we’ll see who are the neg leavers


Even better perhaps they will remove the silly ‘yes no’ system completely. We managed perfectly well without it for many months way back when they first introduced this Forum. We also managed without it for all those years on the Prospero forum, come to that.


Maybe users will have to pay for Prime to access them.


If that happens then certain types here will have their only hobby taken away, their whole reason for visiting the forum is to neg the posts of certain people.


It’d be most satisfying, not that they would then transfer their negging into making worthwhile contributions because that’s beyond their capabilities.


That would be no bad thing, then :slight_smile:


Maybe they will fix the bots to allow the mods back on the forum.

I can only imagine the mods have failed to reach performance targets on the forums and have been suspended by the bots.

I see that the ‘amazonians’ have all disappeared from the top posters league.

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Do you think Amazon will arrange a webinar on the improved functionality? And does anyone actually speak like this in real life?


Cant see why a new forum is not at the top of your list - It is mine

No or slow disbursements.

A catalogue that displays every item except what you want.

Fraud by buyers actively encouraged.

Dropshippers allowed to abuse and break the terms of use … although with this amazon get their cut so that is actively encouraged and im surprised they dont advertise that fact more prominently.

Business sellers selling as private individuals and VAT threshold exceeding companies both UK and abroad not being addressed

‘Tinkering with things’ until they break them with the website and payments system


A website designed, and populated in such a way that at the moment if they do not have things sorted reasonably quickly it will become so obsolete and unusable that no one will buy here anyway.

These and lots more are on my list but not at the top like a new forum.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Whoops forget the post … just noticed i got my list upside down :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Yes, but that is in the States. Together with Buffet and JP Morgan.


Amazon have announced plans to enter the healthcare sector now.
What could possibly go wrong?


Just spotted the announcement about it at the top of the page. Shame nobody has told Amazon that there is +no such time+ as 12AM. And CET isn’t a term we use here, is it? Pathetic.


Look at the redesign to the messaging system - Worse than ever to the point now where they’re saying the only way to get through to buyers is to ignore it altogether and email them from our own email accounts sticking “Important” in the subject line.

I have extreme difficulty imagining any cosmetic change they implement will make anything better as it seems the aim is to degrade everything ie removal of expedited/international visibility on listings and the banishing of condition notes for new to name but two impediments to selling.


Welcome to the new seller Forums! Check out what’s new. If you have thoughts or comments, please let us know.

Have a look now on Sellers Forum, Amazon.com

It doesn’t look good.


Impossible to think of anything that could make it more difficult to do the job it is intended to do.

Its even worse than the new “beta” message layout. Im no luddite but its all design at the cost of functionality. I really find it distracting and unnecessary with the large initialised circles that Outlook adopted some time ago.

What is the board primarily for ? Answer exchanging ideas and finding out information that is buried deep into Amazon practice and policy. While that is still there there is lots of other distracting secondary sectors. On .com there is even a section on the home forum page in Japanese !

When I saw it I thought - designed by committee that does not use it. Think of an idea and chuck it in somewhere - anywhere will do.

Sad does not touch the sides. Hardly worth providing feedback as doing that with the message layout has made not a jot of difference.