This confirmation statement nonsense is suspicious as hell


Amazon can go to companies house and get an over view of all beneficial owners and persons of significant control.
What they can’t do is get the full detail as we’d see. As far as I’m concerned, this is confidential company information.
I’ve asked Amazon dozens of times now to justify why they need this particular information in this detail, and what they intend to do with it. The answer is always “it’s our process”.
Ok then, my process is before I hand over company information to an untrustworthy recipient I find out why it’s being requested and what’s being done with it. Considering NONE of the following companies have this information and have never asked to see it: 4 company bank accounts, PayPal, eBay, Worldpay, Elavon, Global Payments, Amex, and Visa. If they haven’t asked, why are Amazon?

This appears to be an underhand data gathering process where Amazon can profile your business. Until someone can come up with an actual reason I see this as little more than a malicious form of data mining, and we will NOT be providing the information.


Fair enough.


presumably then you’ll remain suspended…


they require names and addresses of beneficial owners - not inside leg measurements or combination numbers to the safe :grinning:

@LuvMyDog_Worldwide what exactly are they asking for ?



Bottom text.


If you set up a ltd company, your details are in the public domain

I’m not gonna argue with you as you’ll only delete your comments tomorrow and make me look like I’m arguing with myself :wink:


That’s obviously your choice not to sell on here…


– A copy of the company’s most recent share allotment document with a breakdown of shares. It must show the number of shares held by each beneficial owner and the number of shares issued for the company. This usually takes the form of a Statement of Capital, an Annual Return, or a Confirmation Statement. The document must show the latest updates with a detailed overview of the beneficial owner with a breakdown of the shares. Please ensure that all the requested information is included in your upload. You can download this document from the UK Companies House website:

The thing here is they can’t get this information in this format with this detail, we have to download it and give it to them.
Every other financial institution only wants a declaration. This is an amount of additional information they really don’t need to see, and that’s going to end up on Amazon’s database. Probably a database in China too. Why do they need that level of detail, where’s the legal requirement for them to have it?
No one has been able to explain or attempted to justify it, it’s all scripted, copied and boilerplate pasted.

That rings alarm bells. There’s something not quite right here, it’s very suspicious.


That’s standard
Everyone with a 25% or more share has to be registered on amazon as a beneficial owner

CH shows there are 2 of you - do you both have equal shares and if so, are you both named as beneficial owners on the amazon account ?

If only 1 of you is a shareholder, you only add that person as a beneficial owner


Everyone who should be registered is registered, and verified.


Nothing to do with my ego thank you
Just pointing out you regularly delete your posts so no point arguing with you

The op has asked a question and I’m trying to help

If they don’t wish to have help and were here for a rant, that’s their choice, they don’t have to accept any advice

I perfectly understand why people aren’t happy to provide information to amazon - and as I stated further up the thread, that again is a choice - don’t sell here if you aren’t happy giving the info

I take it as you are agreeing with op, you’d happily tell them not to provide the info and remain deactivated…


It shows you’ve not been active since 2021 so possibly a standard KYC verification


I’m happy to comply with the law, not the whims of Amazon. They’re making out this is a requirement they need by law. I’ve asked to see the law, they don’t have it. I’ve asked for details on the process and why it’s required, they can’t say.
‘Because we want it’, isn’t a valid reason. They don’t seem interested in finding a solution or giving any additional information, they simply demand a detailed confirmation statement. They’re being inflexible and I’m doing the same.
So it’s not that I’m choosing not to sell on Amazon, they’re being very greasy and very untrustworthy.


Here’s the list of docs required to sell on Amazon from their help pages

  • Private limited liability companies registered in the United Kingdom: You may be requested to provide one or more of the following documents:
    • Current Appointments Report (CAR) dated from the past 180 days
    • Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement in the name of the Business and dated from the past 180 days. Documents from financial service providers or online digital banks are not acceptable.
    • Articles of Association
    • Memorandum of Association or Statement of Capital - this document displays the shareholders and the division of the shares and is sometimes referred to as a Share allotment document with breakdown of shares.

As long as they are asking via performance notifications or your dashboard and not an external email, then it should be safe enough to upload

As stated though, if you choose not to send, that’s your perogative


I’d had enough of Amazon butchering our listings, then taking them down based on the revisions they’d just made (you can’t make this up) so I put the holiday settings on and closed the screen. The bliss of not dealing with them anymore was worth every penny of lost sales, and just paying £25 per month is probably the least we’ve lost in a typical month actually selling.
Ironically, a few weeks ago they approved an Amazon Pay account for our website, but didn’t ask for any confirmation statements.


You can downgrade your account so that you don’t have to pay this
Settings - account info - your services - sell on Amazon - downgrade to individual


Account health didn’t think to check, and I never know where to find it. I’d have still been asking the same questions, only a little sooner.
As for that list, they already have one provided, and 12 years trading history taking money from and paying in to the same account. Not to mention utility bills and passports. They have enough information.


We all have to go through KYC verification every so often


I’m paying to keep the storefront name.


That’s presumably why there is the increase of information required