The impossible task of registering an account


Only for buyers…


Agreed. I have been selling various things on ebay for several years, but I know several potential customers will not buy my book from there, one reason for wanting to sell on Amazon.


Well, I had my interview on Thursday morning. It lasted 4 minutes and all I was asked to do was move my personal ID document around. I was told that I would receive an email within 72 hours, but its well over that time (and more than 72 hours on working days as well). Where do I go now? The only document I can think of that might need uploading is my UTR but I closed that business last year (a completely different field) and won’t be trading myself anyway, as I need to switch my account to a business (limited company) once this is possible.


Have you actually formed a ltd company ?


Yes. In 2002. Everything’s up to date on Companies House. Its just that the information from Amazon on setting up accounts is very vague, so I mistakenly set up an individual account in my own name. From advice on here I need to get my personal account verified and then change the status to Business and the identity to the limited company. Is that correct?


Yes, once verified you can contact SS and ask them to reopen the legal entity section of your account


I’ve still had no response following the interview last Thursday. I was promised a response within 72 hours. What is the best course of action:

  1. Open a case
  2. Appeal (on what grounds?)
  3. Wait to receive the email I was promised

Do you always receive an email following the online interview or is it just a case of opening your account each day to see if anything has changed?


Most of us offering advice on here are probably unable to answer that, as we didn’t have to go through the same procedures when registering to sell !


Well I’ve got my individual account verified. Now I need to change it to the limited company. My first request through opening a case directed me to amend via Transfer Account. However, when I try to do this I get a message: “We are unfortunately not able to proceed with your legal entity change request. You are not eligible for performing legal entity change.”

I opened another case on Friday but still awaiting response. I don’t intend listing anything until I’ve got the correct name on the account, etc, which presumably, is the best thing to do.


I’m not sure it is a Transfer Account.
You need to tell them that you need to change the legal entity of your seller account from Individual to Limited Co. Make sure you have all your CH documents available and to hand as you will need to upload those for verification.


Well I’ve had a response and added all the details (and hopefully the correct evidence) to change my account to the name and entity of the limited company. Also changed the registered bank account to the limited company. Hoping for success this time!


Still trying … the latest is that I’ve been asked for 'the most recent share allocation document with a breakdown of shares. It must show the number of shares held by each beneficial owner and the number of shares issued for the company."

The last such document on my Companies House records is from 2016, which I’ve uploaded to the portal. Hopefully this will be sufficient. Any opinions on this? I had previously uploaded the most recent Confirmation Statement (as requested) but apparently this doesn’t contain the information required.

Maybe I am making some progress as it appears I can now list my product. Been trying since September to set the account up, very soul destroying.

On a separate matter my book was published by my limited company which I am trying to establish as my Amazon seller account. However, I don’t have a brand name or trademark beyond the name of the limited company, so its not clear how to list the item. I have an ISBN, and probably as a result the product appears on a search of Amazon if I look as a buyer. This shows no picture (I didn’t add an image on my Nielsen account) and is ‘currently unavailable’. Presumably I can add my own picture or should I amend it on Nielsen first?


I think (hope) I have finally got there. I’ll know for sure if my product appears as an item available to buy. Let’s see …


Yes, I’m finally there after 4 months!

Many thanks to those who offered advice on here.

For those still trying to get approved, I’d recommend spending time going through the various threads on here about account verification. This will teach you the language of Amazon, and after a while you begin to understand how you can correct your problems. The videos on Amazon Seller University are not particularly useful as their default position appears to be that everything will run smoothly and there is no attempt to address what are obviously very common problems for those of us who have no prior knowledge of the systems. Patience is also required, even if if the process seems to suck the life out of you at times. It is, however, a very difficult process for small independent sellers to get through.


Hi, that’s great news.
Is there any tips you can offer on how to submit the documents?
Did you write an appeal each time?
Did you send over ALL required docs on each appeal?
Any advise would be appreciated.


With hindsight, my main problem was that I had registered as an individual when I needed to register as a business. I therefore had to get my individual account verified. Once I’d done this it was fairly easy to switch to the business account and get this verified. I have been reading the advice about verification in several threads on here, which gave me a much better understanding of how verification works and what the terminology used by Amazon really means. I raised a case each time, rather than appeal. One thing I have picked up from the carious discussions on here, is that there are no short cuts and you need to act on messages fairly quickly. If you’re not sure what they mean then ask on here as there are several very helpful and knowledgeable individuals.