Suspended account inauthentic product


Hy i am register HMRC and i have buisness account on Amazon.


Out of interest then, if you are a business, why didn’t you go to wholesalers instead of shops ?


Because i did not know that you are not allow to sell from retailer .If i would know i woudn’t do that to have my money and my account block.


Ah I see
thank you!


Hello @RAR_beauty,

This is Wade from Amazon here to assist you today.

I’ve reviewed your post and understood that your concern is regarding inauthentic product.

It is seller’s responsibility to source, sell and fulfill only authentic products.If your invoices were acquired from a right supply chain then they must match invoice requirement criteria.

Please make sure the invoices are meeting the following criteria:

  • These documents must reflect your sales for the past 365 days.
  • Please provide your supplier’s company details, including company name, company phone number, company address, and website.
  • For supplier verification, team may contact your supplier to verify the of these documents. so keep your supplier informed and validate all the supplier details before submitting the invoices.
  • You can hide pricing information, but the rest of the file must be clearly visible. For our review, please highlight or circle the ASIN under review.

If any of the above mentioned requirements is missing from the invoice then it will not be termed as invalid.

Please click here to learn more on the Amazon Anti-Counterfeiting Policy.

Thank you for your post. I hope my response is beneficial towards your business.



Thank you!


It is highly unlikely that a retailer will respond to Amazon, and unlikely that your receipts/invoices will be acceptable.
You will need to do a good POA, in the 3 point format that Amazon require.


Thank you !I had done a POA but they rejecte and i had been advise by Account Health Support that for this type of violation just invoices are accepted.The retailer not answer to Amazon,i just do not know what to do .


Was it in the format that they require ?
If you are not sure then search these forums and you should find exactly how they like them written.


Thank you but the reject reason was because for thid type of violation POA is not acceptet .First the invoice need to be verifiable .
2 form Account Health Support advise me the same thing that the invoice it is a MUST.