Royal Mail Strikes


The Evri one has been delivered, that wasnt the answer I expected haha


I would’ve lost my bet that’s for sure :laughing:


It’s getting harder and harder to scroll past your posts.

Can you just shorten them a bit.



The standard Evri ones through buy shipping have been getting to most people 3-4 days for me so far… Probably smashed to bits but they’re getting there! Next-day ones are actually taking only a couple of days apart from anything to Scotland you might as well write off. I’ve sent about 20 parcels (here, website and on Etsy) to Scotland in the last month and they’re dead and not moving. I’ve had to resend it with Royal Mail this week and lost a bit of money.


I’m hardly seeing any movement on orders sent from 26th onwards and even the Tracked 24 stuff that I sent at the end of last week / beginning of this week seems to have gone as far as the hub and not moved any further?

With another Strike day tomorrow and Sunday, I can’t see things improving much… what a complete mess. :man_shrugging: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


us too - tracked 24’s from Friday not even showing as scanned - its disgraceful.
We have contact FSB and they are organising some form of group claim hopefully.
I do think we need to ‘club’ together to try to get some claim going as we have been fed to the wolves here.


I use RM48 large letter exclusively and I was looking at my OTDR metric. It’s currently at 99.84% for 30 Oct to 28 Nov.

This seems way too high, but then it occurred to me that it probably doesn’t include items than are not scanned on delivery?

I can’t find out if that’s the case from the Amazon help. I find the help pages hard to parse - it’s like legalese! (And my dyslexia doesn’t help.)

Anyone know if unscanned items are excluded from the OTDR metric?


Valid tracking rate just means a valid tracking number has been input to Amazon. One could be sitting on a pile of unsent parcels and the VTR would still be ~100%


Correct , if you look at the number of parcels for VTR and the number of parcels for OTDR, the OTDR is only for those with delivery scans

So if you sent 100 items and 80 had scans and all 80 were delivered on time, your VTR would be 80% and your OTDR 100%

Unless you buy RM48 through buy shipping in which case both will be 100%


I’ve just looked at my actual figures for the period.

Shipments with valid tracking (and I buy Amazon shipping so this is all of them): 1,861

Shipments delivered by the expected delivery date: 1,858
Shipments delivered late: 3

Obviously these number add up to the same amount, suggesting a 100% scan rate.

But that isn’t the case. I’ve many orders in that period where the delivery status hasn’t updated past “Carrier picked up package”

So how does amazon determine “Shipments delivered by the expected delivery date”?


OK I think I get it. Amazon assume items have arrived on time, unless the scan says it is late. An unscanned item is given the same weight as an item scanned on time.

In my opinion that makes it a useless metric for understanding delivery rates, thought it does at least favour sellers, which is obviously a good thing.


we are getting the same problem. Even abuse from buyers over this!


I hate to be the one who says I’ve barely had any messages but I haven’t. To be fair I’ve dispatched well ahead of stated times to give extra time in my “window” to compensate for the delivery delays. For years I’ve been the one receiving umpteen messages about delays and things going missing during busy times with others saying theyve had no problems. The only conclusion I can come to is either the messages just havent hit me yet! or it’s because we moved this year. All our mail used to go through Wolverhampton and now it goes through Chester. Seems so much better (trying not to jinx it here!) Anyone else have their stuff go through either of these?


I’ve put my listings back on holiday settings due to the upcoming strikes tomorrow and Sunday.
I might switch back on Saturday for dispatch on Monday/Tuesday but with more strikes planned for 14 and 15 December, it’s looking pretty grim.


It’s hard to know what to do. I am now on holiday settings- it is heartbreaking to close so early before christmas, like many our busiest time. I have had to deal wih a lot of refunds and replacements in the past week, but also emails from buyers telling me stuff has just arrived today that was posted on the 25th Nov.
There is still a backlog and the strike days tomorrow and Sunday will cimpound that.
Although I am not selling I am taking this time to tidy and sort my materials, pre make kits, get new label designs, photos, list stuff on my web site, list new products here etc.
So after christmas I will be organised.


In our area it looks like they are not delivery letters every day so anyone posting letter products can expect items to be delayed.

Today I had my first post for almost 2 weeks and a lot of it as well. Mountains of it came through the door. A lot of the post was from late November though so delayed 2 weeks.


We put our dispatch time on the max of 2 days… earlier today our delivery date was 15th to 19th December, which we were happy with. Now it’s Thursday night, Friday tomorrow, so 2 day dispatch means we’re not going to be posting it until Monday… yet Amazon have IMPROVED the delivery estimate to 15th till 16th :joy: I don’t understand why they simply don’t make strike dates count like a bank holiday


So, as the latest strike action gets under way, the press and media seem to have latched onto a couple of facets, both of which feature in today’s BBC news coverage:

a) From the CWU:
It warned of a “Christmas meltdown” in parcel and letter deliveries, and said millions of items of mail had been stacking up before the strikes.

b) From Royal Mail:
The company has announced plans to cut up to 10,000 jobs.

Those two statements show why resolution is (currently) in a galaxy far, far away :frowning_face:


I don’t know what is going on with the Tracked 24 orders that I sent on Monday, so far none have been delivered so I just checked the tracking history.

We post out from Devon…

One parcel which was for an address in Sheffield ended up in Neath, Wales and is currently sitting in Swansea waiting to be rerouted.

Another one which was for an address in Eastbourne has just been scanned in at the Glasgow Mail Centre. :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:


I did briefly see a couple of interviews with the union chap Dave Ward and the Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson and my takeaway was that they both seem quite arrogant and stubborn… certainly explains why there’s been no movement for months.

In my opinion neither of these characters should have any involvement with any sort of negotiation. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: