Royal Mail Strikes


Yes it is…but I’m not going to reply any further to your diatribes…which are then deleted in two days time…as previously stated


Nah, you’ll be fine. We’ve still been getting Tracked 24’s just a day late and 48’s also just a day late (for some Ebay swag). Have to say though, we buy lots of stuff through Amazon but always using Prime so it always comes with Amazon Logistics or a SFP courier.


it would probably have been quicker and cheaper to go to your local shop …


Tesco have it on offer at £13 a litre bottle (Clubcard). Not sure I’d risk a glass bottle in the post during this strike.


I would agree and normally the supermarkets are loaded with the £10 bottles but unfortunately this year there seems to be either a shortage round here or everyone has been buying them as haven’t seen a bottle for last couple of months!! so £10 a bottle on Amazon delivered to the door - I was assuming UPS since they do the age verfication seemed a good deal.


Amazon sellers buying up all the liqueur to get them through.


At this rate, we’ll probably end up with an alcohol shortage too! :joy:

The best tonic for me when I shut down earlier than normal this year will be family time with our 2 year old, fortunately Santa has already delivered her presents and won’t be relying on anyone else dressed in red before the 25th!


We had a surcharge for something silly and in the same payment bracket and it was grams wrong… If I had the effort I would have complained but it’s just another reason to go 100% FBA, literally 75% there in November. I think after Christmas will be a good and big move for us.


Absolutely; I’m so glad we went full FBA. I know it isn’t possible for everybody, of course, but it has been an absolute godsend during these RM strikes.


I did 3 mcf orders yesterday, dispatch emails show ones gone RM, one Evri and one via Amazon even though all are similar sizes, guess amazon are trying to spread the load too, will see which one gets delivered first haha


place your bets…:moneybag:


As per my previous message :persevere:


I think that is how the union’s stance will appear to many if not most people, especially during a time of economic crisis. The knock-on effect of their actions are hugely damaging to many a small business as well as individuals waiting for important post. But businesses and individual customers don’t have militant unions to stand up for them. :frowning:


Email from DPD

Disruptions and Delays in certain areas -

taking longer than the normal Next Day


Any messages I am getting now about delays I am apologising to the customer and explaining that we are also caught in the “crossfire” of the union vs Royal Mail tug of war.

So far most people have been nice enough, I do have a negative feedback on here from someone who didn’t bother to contact me, just complaining that its been over a week since he ordered and its not arrived yet (i could only reply that within the time since he placed his order there was a weekend and 4 strike days (considering I have a 3 day dispatch and 3-5 day delivery estimate I’d love to know what date Amazon actually give him for delivery!)

It’s crazy, I’ve just about lost sympathy for both sides now and just wish it was over.

I didn’t risk any Christmas lines online this Christmas, I don’t even want to know what it has possibly cost me, I know my sales are down without even taking my lack of Christmas stock into account. I am grateful that it is really just me (and my mum who’s starting take a back seat lately) and I don’t have staff to pay etc

Been loyal to Royal Mail for over a decade now, and have had little or no problems with them, but these last few months… if I had a choice I’d be gone already, sadly though as most (probably 85-90%) of my items are letters, I am stuck with them.


For seller-fulfilled items, is Amazon adding days to the delivery dates or do I need to manually do this myself in shipping by extending it by 2 to 4 days?


Someone suggested Amazon are extending customer facing EDDs but can’t say for certain. It is certainly advisable to do it manually.


Posted large letter 2nd class Friday from Weymouth to Chesterfield and has already been received!


I’ve had orders that say, for example, deliver by today. Then I see the tracking which says Evri tried to deliver but the package was “damaged”. Apart from them doing an investigation (which will probably take until January!), the customer said “what do you mean? It’s not due for delivery by X date”.

I re-checked the order and I have a deliver by date 3 days behind what the customer has.


Amazon showing our listings to customers as delivery 13th - 14th December but when we get orders it shows to us as deliver by 8-9th December on the order…
Since it’s showed like this to customers sales have dropped by 80%. Set as 1 day dispatch and even next day with DPD showing as 2 days if ordered by 2pm and 3 days if after 2pm, tanks Amazon!