Royal Mail Strikes


Already is, to a point.

If they want me back, they need to simplify the small items (none of this tiny increments 100g, 250g, 500g, etc) & be more competitive on the parcels. I would rather use them, as Evri are proving a nightmare (throwing parcels marked fragile in the customer’s garden is one example), but the cost, simplicity of pricing and the strikes keep me using them. Except, at times, for surcharge areas.

If Evri got a grip of their quality of service, I would stick with them. Even with the surcharge - sometimes still cheaper than RM.

But I do think there should be a level playing field. If you want to do, say under 5kg, then you must cover all the UK for the same price. Maybe even have to do letters & LLs.


And no doubt many other big names will follow


For me I feel both the unions and Royal Mail could do more to resolve this dispute. Neither side seem to want to give in and all that has happened is that loads of customers have left Royal Mail to go to other providers. How many of these have made a permanent move is yet unknown but I would imagine a good percentage will not be back if they get comparable service from another company.

For many small businesses it has made this time of year so difficult. Most of us have cost of living issues, high customer demand and items which have to be there within the next 3 weeks.

I honestly thought 4 months ago this would be a short lived dispute and that neither side would allow the busiest time of the year to be interrupted so badly.


After bringing forward the last posting dates I think it’s clear Royal Mail have no intention of backing down, once the next 2-3 weeks are out of the way I’m not sure what else the union can do?

I’ve been closely following the dispute, it seems that the head of the union and the ceo of Royal Mail are actual cut from the the same cloth. they both seem adament they won’t back down and I fear this has become more about ego’s now which is very sad for the posties.

Interestingly I have seen clear documentation and documents from Royal Mail on their offers and their “negotiation” but I don’t actually know what the details are that the union are asking for and also what they are willing to give to negotiate beyond a pay rise in line with inflation.


Earlier this evening talks were going to happen between both parties regarding train strikes, but guess who rejects the talks - it’s RMT.

Can’t blame the RM boss for these talks, so who do you blame? Unions bosses? (trying to justify themselves), if not who?


If you check your facts the RMT rejected the Latest offer but are calling to meet tomorrow


I am not actually sure bringing forward the last posting dates helps things at all. All that is going to happen is loads more people are going to post this week than would normally which will just cause more pressure on the postal system.

I agree though it is a sign that Royal Mail are not planning on backing down. But what next, Strikes in January will have little impact like they did in August/September…so what will the CWU do next in an attempt to get a deal?


CWU May call an all out strike in Jan


I can’t see that happening unless the CWU has a massive strike fund to pay all the posties.


I agree I don’t think many postal workers could afford to go on an all out strike just after Christmas.

I think Royal Mail are banking on holding out to Christmas knowing that afterwards there will be little the unions can do.


I think the union knows it too hence Dave Ward going on all the radio and tv shows he could this week and the apparent strike march on Friday in London.


Most unions don’t have a penny (well that’s been my experience even with all the subs)
It all comes out of the posties wage packet.


Yep I know. That’s the argument isn’t it though from the posties as to where all their subs over the years have gone and go to.


Sorry new to this thread and just wanted to know.
For seller fulfilled items, is Amazon adding days to the delivery dates or do I need to manually do this myself in shipping by extending it by 2 to 4 days?


As I said a few days back. I have a mate who left is Union to give himself a pay-rise. The £10 subs he was more a financial benefit going in his pocket that the Unions.

The other side of the coin, someone else we both know is high up in the Unions and does very well for himself, and reading his post online the end result is more about politics than the job in hand.


I don’t think RM have any intention of backing down, but even if they were in the middle of capitulating they’d have had to send those emails.

To not do so would be gross negligence. It’s completely normal that RM would adjust their timelines when new information comes to light, and the strikes on the 23rd and 24th hadn’t officially been declared yet. Once they were, RM changed their info. It’s just a natural process, not a statement of intent.


That happened immediately after privatisation. Once you place a public company in private hands, the impetus is to squeeze as much out of it for shareholders as possible. That’s what businesses do. No state postal service should be a private company, nor railway, nor utilities such as energy or water or telecoms. These are all “essential” services which should be run for the benefit of the whole country, not of those who own shares. However, that boat has long since joined the Titantic at the bottom of the Atlantic.

In the meantime there will have to be compromise between both RM and the union. It is inevitable.


You have got to laugh really, despite everything that’s going on I have just received a ‘surcharge’ e-mail where 1 item yes 1… large letter declared as 249g they claim was 269g… just wow. 10+years with an account and this is the first surcharge i’ve been hit with so a genuine mistake.
Just makes you laugh really the fact we are not getting any service at all at the moment for the hundreds/thousands of pounds spent a month, virtually every single item is running late despite paying more for first class on vast majority of items, invoices arriving nearly daily still with no reason/advance warning… and now a surcharge over 20g on 1 large letter. Ho ho ho it’s going to be a long month.


I think it’s going to be a long, bleak winter for many; and that’s not me putting a Dickensian slant on it all, just reality :persevere:


To cap it all i’ve just seen my bottles of Baileys ordered through Amazon has been dispatched with… Royal Mail so I probably won’t see them before christmas!
Oh well on to packaging orders that may/may not get there anytime soon then i’ll take a peak at Amazon messages and see what delights await.