Royal Mail Strikes


I know were all seeing delays,
But Tracked 48 LL we sent into the North west hubs last Tuesday [22nd] not 1 parcel has been scanned into the network. Tracked 24 seems to be ok, i would of thought they would of been scanned by now

Any one seen anything similar. seems a bit strange not to have 1 scan?



Just done some spot checks on Tracked 48 parcels sent on that date into that hub - and all seems normal on our stuff - first scan on the 23rd then deliveries 26th


I’ve had similar issues, but with the South Mids depot. Tracked 48’s taking 7+ days to even receive a network scan during a period of time free of any strike action, too.

I’ve just had one Tracked 48 scan on in Belfast, taking 11 days. Fortunately, as it stands all mine now have network scans at least.

This could be an interesting development…


Well, what certainly won’t help the letters become a better profit generator for them is slowing the whole process down by having the workers scan the stamps on delivery!


Yep, I was thinking the same myself - having to scan every single piece of mail :roll_eyes:


I couldn’t get an answer when I called them to cancel so I left a voice mail and asked them to call me back to confirm it had gone through.

The local guy has just done so and I had a bit of chat with him about it. I have to say I have never had any problems with the local staff (Lincoln) over the many years they have been taking my mail and he sounded genuinely disappointed to be losing my business. He asked me for my reasons, I guess they have to, and of course was not surprised at all when I told him.

If I was just shipping from my own website I’d probably stick with them, but when you have to meet Amazon, and to a lesser extent eBay, delivery expectations they simply do not offer a workable service at the moment.


What’s that old saying? “Duty has no sweethearts”. Your business is your livelihood. You do what you have to :slight_smile:


The latest postage for 2nd class and 48 is now the 12th of December lmao. I can’t wait to get to the 23rd and relax already.



I find it interesting that they’re actually acknowledging and accepting there’s a 2 week delay, our AC says they’re incredibly efficient at getting the strike post through and delivered in time… Disappointing from a business perspective as we’ll have to close earlier than expected but it is what it is.


2020 I closed at the end of Nov/start of Dec because of the absolute chaos. Tried to re-open start of January, but gave up then too.
2021 I closed mid December because it was getting chaotic again.
2022 I guess I stop all card sales mid December and probably everything else too if the other couriers are struggling too.

All in all, the last 3 years have been fun! As much fun as standing at a wet and windy market stall in the middle of Glasgow all day, watching shoppers run by without a glance.

I took up landscape photography in 2014 to help my mental health. Oh irony!


I’ve just had a quick look through my previously despatched orders and it seems as though anything despatched from the 26th November onwards is still waiting to be delivered apart from Special Delivery items.

Can’t say i’m surprised after reading this:


Royal Mail claimed the images were “not unsual for the time of year”

And here is a picture I saved which was posted on these forums a couple of years back


Funny that RM workers are ‘complaining’ of having no room to move but it’s all down to them striking that has caused this situation.


4 out of the last reviews I have received are negative 1 star due to late delays or missing items due to the Royal mail strikes, I asked Amazon if they can do anything which they replied no.

I suspect I will need to put my Shop on holiday mode for the rest of this month now as its crippling me


Relax??? You’ll get messages all over Christmas saying ‘WHERES MY STUFF YOU’VE RUINED CHRISTMAS’ lmao.


lol probably one our bags posted on 25th November is somewhere there at the bottom as having plenty of Customers making enquiries regarding orders despatched on that date :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: ‘first in first out’ is definitely not Royal Mail rule :joy:


To be fair ( over the years for reasons that don’t need to be explained I have visited a lot of RM depots and sorting offices) most of the pictures in the Indy article don’t look exceptional, unlike your picture from 2020


Depending on the size and quantity of vinyl sticker(s) ordered, I regularly dispatch orders in both letter and large letter format, which can be considerable more in value as to the orders I send out in postal tubes!

I can’t even begin to put a value on the vinyl sticker and graphic industry in the UK, but I know there are literally 1000’s of suppliers, the same as me, using both letter and large letter format for a very high percentage of the orders we dispatch. I must be at 80-90% letter and large letter myself.

We aren’t just sending ‘letters’ Royal Mail!!!


I always find this time of year is the worst time of year for customer queries. Following Black Friday up to Christmas Day it is bad. Whilst I am only posting a small number of items via EVRI this year (thanks Royal Mail for messing up my Greeting Card Sales!) I am still finding there are constant where’s my stuff messages.

There is obviously the delays due to the RM strikes this year which impacts all couriers and not just RM. There is also the same problems each year where buyers are not patient as they worry about getting items as presents.

From a sales point of view this is my favourite time of the year but from a customer contact point of view it is a time of nightmares and it is the only time of year I get A-Z’s for late or not delivered items!


I notice this was the second main item on the news on Radio 4 just now:

If these strikes keep going, the reputation of Royal Mail will be permanently tarnished, perhaps even destroyed. Is that what the unions and/or the board really want?