Royal Mail Strikes


And it’s not just RM; the world and his uncle appears to be ready for strike action or industrial action, in one form or another. The arguments for and against such actions can be touted as wisdom or folly. However, at the end of the day, the simple fact is, in real terms, almost every employee is considerably worse off than they were 10 years ago (except maybe bankers). There is only so much breaking strain in the wire before it snaps.


I honestly think it is difficult for any seller to see the whole picture for the strike and how it impacts RM workers. Most of us have very little knowledge of the current working conditions, proposed working conditions and pay. We have no idea what impact this has on your average postie.

All we know is the impact it is having on our businesses and it is possible for some this strike could be the final nail in the coffin.


Walked past Weymouth sorting office 2pm today, to drop my sack in at the main town centre PO.

Not a soul in site. Do they cherry pick picket lines?


Yes, but some choose to see only what they want to see; it’s called Metaphorical Scotoma. I think that is what @mark_matthews was alluding to :smiley:


Ok boomer. Those are some serious 1980’s level working conditions that you’re expecting from a firm that has to compete in 2023.

The only people surprised to discover that all delivery firms run like this will be the corrupt old fossils in the upper echelons of the union, who are coincidentally looking to retire with an extra fat redundancy payout, by simply sacrificing their younger members. Like lambs to a slaughter.

Typical. Then they wonder how working conditions got to this point for following generations, and why their children struggle to afford things.


Ours here has never been on strike throughout the whole dispute.


So because everyone else is doing it, it’s right?

I guess I shouldn’t complain about the thieves who abuse the returns system, clearly they’re in the right since there are so many of them.


Why don’t you find out the full facts before you quote stuff as you said they are militant but your sounding like a daily Mail reader with half the story as your quotes about reduncies payment were wrong plus about the young postmen plus who are the corrupt you quote


The problem is far more complex than some people give it credit. A good friend of mine supplies me with information on a regular basis, and the situation at Royal Mail is rapidly declining.

There are soo many factors in play here, from a nutcase SEO bullying his workforce on socials to an existing workforce set in their ways unwilling to change and expecting more pay than the company can realistically pay out,

New company polices, that in the eyes of many of the Posties won’t make the company any more efficient and or profitable. An existing workforce on the whole de-motivated, doing the bare minimum and purposely not working to standard practices.

Middle management making Postie’s life hell on a daily basis, pretty much an epitome of a mini ‘Simon Thompson’ throughout the management. Temp staff being treated better than well established long serving existing employees.

A Union, now set on removing the SEO and not willing to negotiate if Simon Thompson doesn’t attend the meetings. A Union now that may not actually be fully focused on bringing all this to a close, so that the company can begin to recover and move forward.

…and the list goes on and on and on!

Roll on Christmas everybody!


True about Simon Thompson when he was meant to be at a meeting he was posting pictures of parking bollards instead no wonder he made a mess of track and trace during covid


Thank goodness there is still a healthy level of competition in the postal industry. I have been largely unaffected by the entire RM strike so far, as there are alternatives for the more valuable shipments, and I can afford to choose to do f*** all on the less valuable shipments. :sweat_smile:

On the other hand, the gas and electricity industry though… holy cow… :cry:


They are getting paid overtime to clear the back log created by the strikes as well.


I wonder if the comments on that article were from Amazon or ebay sellers?


Will it though? With other couriers now taking a big chunk of the more lucrative end of the business, I’m not so sure. These strikes are simply quickening that process.

People like us are caught between a boardroom culture that cares mainly for profits and a union which seems more interested in creating political turmoil than in actually settling for a reasonable offer.

I like Royal Mail and I want it to survive but with hot headed union chiefs on one side and complacent executives on the other, it’s not looking good.


Yes, it will. I promise :grinning:

There’s rarely been an industrial dispute that hasn’t been settled, one way or another and this one will be no different. I agree that sellers here are caught in the crossfire and that was my concern for many of them who rely totally on RM to deliver their stuff because that is the only cost effective service. There will have to be compromise; industrial disputes never get properly settled without it. RM will survive but it might look somewhat different in the future.

After the next election, it might be back in public ownership. Whether or not that will be a good thing will remain to be seen but for sellers here, nothing can be as bad as what is happening now.


I’m not disputing that it will get settled one way or the other but I do think that the RM that emerges from the other side mght be a different beast to the one we all know and […love{?}…]


You might be a little over-optimistic here though.

Even before the strike, way back then, even before COVID, I was already extremely puzzled why businesses are still using RM for international shipments. I am getting half-price quote, fully tracked door to door, a top class business support, and a red carpet welcome by Deutsche Post/DHL. All I need to give in return is a little volume in international shipments (which is really not difficult at all for any small businesses). They came to my warehouse, helped me to set up my label printer (which is free), and guided me step by step in sending shipments with them. When IOSS came, they sent me preparation guidelines months in advance, and followed up with me a few times to make sure that my system is all ready for IOSS roll out. (RM’s IOSS roll out is a complete shamble).

All these, at half the price of what RM can offer in “International Tracked”, and RM even dare to raise the price for their international shipments now.

So to say I am puzzled is an understatement. I can only boil this down to small business owners being too lazy to find out information about Deutsche Post, and went with the most convenient option.

Now, this strike will make a big difference here. Once business owners find out about Deutsche Post (or Post NL for what its worth), there is simply no going back to RM for international shipments. I have been using Deutsche Post for almost 5 years now, and it will take RM to cut their international prices by 60% to even tempt me in going back and trying their international services.

This is absolutely critical for RM. Because their international arm is the only profit making one at the moment. Their domestic arm is bleeding money. The difference is so drastic that the shareholders even consider breaking away the international arm, but I think it will be stopped by the government.

Regardless, any shrinkage in their international profit wont be disastrous for RM. And this strike is definitely speeding up this process. RM can only pray that business owners continue to be ignorant about other postal providers that can do international shipments for UK businesses, but the strike is certainly not helping.

So, there is a good chance RM will come out a completely different entity following this whole debacle. It may no longer be recognizable.

My guess is their international arm is already losing big chunk of customers (which may explain why they need to increase the cost now to make up the drop in profits, which will continue to drive away more customers). Their domestic arm, on the other hand, I think they have no clue what to do with it :sweat_smile:

My only guess is that they might scrap LL format.


They can’t, not without parliamentary approval because it is part of the universal agreement, I believe. Parliament will not have time to debate this before the next election and after the next election, there will be a new government. Then we will see a whole different RM, in my opinion.


Am I right in thinking that LL only came in when they introduced PIP (pricing in proportion) ?
If so, is that part of the universal agreement ? - because (imo) it really only added another ‘tier’ to what were standard letters.
Or an I barking up the wrong tree ?!


what I know is that Deutsche Post also have LL format, so it might be part of the Universal agreement.

But it does not make a difference at the end of the day, it is just another tier that they can set a price on. If they double the price of LL format now (and throw in guaranteed scan to retain customers), they might make enough to turn domestic arm into a profitable one.

edit: I am referring to RM24 and RM48