Royal Mail Strikes


And yet (not so long ago) you posted messages on this forum stating that you didn’t care if RM workers and their children starved, did you not? Now you mention the “young families who were penniless and forced to go back to work”? I remember you going on a “tirade” (before your posts were removed) regarding how despicable these people were and yet here you are, criticising the same sort of behaviour? You might want to rearrange these words into some sort of semblance?



You maybe want to rearrange the order of that list a little. The bottom two at least :p.


LOL. Yes, very good point. Best to remain politically correct here :rofl:


Yes I did. And I support them going back to work and realizing the error of their ways in order to protect their families. So should you. But you’re one of the militants that believes those children should starve for the sake of the union, how dare they go back to work and feed them, and I’m sure you believe the disarrangements and expletives are justified and well deserved.

I don’t.


And you (as usual) are reading an entire book just by looking at the cover. You know nothing about me so you don’t know if I’m a militant or a pacifist, a capitalist or a socialist, a realist or a pragmatist, a man or a woman (or somewhere in between). I might be a bit of all of those things. Or I might be none. You don’t know, cos you don’t know me from Adam (or Eve).

What I (and many others know) is what you wrote and what was removed by moderators for being offensive and obnoxious…and yet you come here and criticise others for being equally obnoxious? Cuts no ice, I’m afraid.

It’s only an error in your opinion; it’s not an error in theirs. Opinions are like noses; everbody has one.

At then end of the day here, this thread is about how sellers here are having to deal with this dispute and what will happen when it is over (as one day, it will be).


As do a lot of people. If you get new evidence or new facts, you cannot rely on previous thoughts. However, if you delete those previous thoughts, nobody has a clue what you’re talking about. If something you write is plainly wrong, then delete it by all means. I would agree with that. However, if you delete all your messages then anybody who replies just looks out of place, so what’s the point?


And I will lay a pound to a penny that this thread gets pulled soon because it will be seen as arguing :thinking:
It isn’t, it’s just robust difference of opinion and free speech, but we’ll see !


And that’s fine for you, but once your message has been deleted, the replies make no sense to anybody, so it makes the thread look disjointed. Effectively then, if you delete, then everyone who replies would need to delete, so the thread still makes chronological sense.

No point in addressing anything else that you post because it’ll be deleted tomorrow.


Can we stick to talking about the strikes pretty please


It would be good if we could talk about them being over and some normality returning? Maybe we should all write letters to Santa? Mind you, even if Santa could add a resolution to his list of presents, I doubt it would be done in time to help a lot of sellers here.

I note though that on RM website, they say they have only been notified of forthcoming strikes up to (and including) December 11th? What about the other proposed dates?

The CWU has formally notified Royal Mail they plan to call on their members who collect, sort and deliver parcels and letters to take national strike action on Wednesday 30 November, Thursday 1 December, Friday 9 December and Sunday 11 December 2022.


We were with Evri/Hermes before going over to Royal Mail over a year or so and can honestly say they were dreadful. Not only did we have an account manager that we could never get a hold of it was also the same for other people of his level. No communication whatsoever. Also the amount of parcels that went missing, mis delivered or even being in the craziest of places was quite a lot. Weekly, around a 1/3 we were raising claims for and even now we still haven’t got all of these claims confirmed and/or our money back. This was a huge factor for us moving over to Royal Mail.

Yes, recently the service has been slack however overall, we have a much much better service with them. Not only the cost, but the communication and promptness surpasses Evri.


Whilst I too am annoyed that the strikes are affecting my business, I wouldn’t take too much notice of the RM forum

For example, if I were a Joe bloggs member of the public - an amazon buyer - with no knowledge of selling, and I looked at this forum - and specifically the currently thread about amazon not allowing sellers to price an item , what in amazon’s opinion is ‘too high’ , as a buyer, I’d side with amazon against those ‘greedy sellers’
As sellers, we know differently


Pick any hobby/pastime and head to a forum on that subject, many who post - don’t post positive.

My local football team win, the forum is quiet - they lose and it’s a several page thread.

You could easily apply that to a Royal Mail forum.


As a supporter of West Brom I tend to find that happens most weeks :frowning:


As a Leeds United supporter, I daren’t even look :tired_face:


so the staff don’t get paid for strike days, right?

say you work 5 day weeks with 28 holidays/bank holidays a year and a handful of sick days, let’s say 225 days a year at work.

so they wanted a pay rise of, i can’t remember, say 7%

7% of 225 days is 15.75 days.

so they got offered something, can’t remember what it was. say it was 5%.

5% of 225 days is 11.25 days.

so they have been on strike, what, six full days, maybe more? i can’t remember. say 8 days.

8 days is ~3.5% of their salary, pro-rata.

if they do another 8, it’s a 7% pay LOSS for a 7% pay rise. the benefits will only start to accrue after the first year, and by that time inflation will have made all of this pointless.


I’m using evri instead on RM via Packlink. It’s not the best interface in the world but it does offer a nice little dashboard of everything I’ve sent with them and its current status. So far (touch wood) everything seems to be going well.

The nicest thing after years of RM24 and 48 with their not much use 2D tracking is to actually have tracking that means something for each item - none of this “an update will only be provided …” nonsense you get with RM. I am no longer afraid to look at my VTR!


Which shows how awful it is for them, no? Shows how they’re willing to benefit in the long term for short term loss and job security. Literally shows how they feel they have no choice.

Generally- I must admit I don’t like the strikes, but I don’t understand the lack of compassion, the number of strikes proposed and happening across multiple job lines just shows how bloody awful it is. No one wants to strike and lose their pay, especially near Christmas, most of these workers have families to support and it’s already a time of financial crisis, just shows how they feel they have no choice. The mass % which choose to strike and have balloted to do so, shows how dire it is.

Here comes the cat…


Unfortunately though, the unions haven’t even allowed the workers to vote on whether or not they’d even accept the offer


They were offered 9% already but the union leaders declined because of working on saturdays.