Royal Mail Strikes


as they say we will see as this plays out. as much as i like RM i am going to turn to Amazon to provide a delivery service.
inflation/rapid price rises are always the foe of the sellers here.

it is what it is, we have just got to plan for change at RM.

good points, again.

sometimes in life we are just the fallen leaves in the storm, never knowing where we will land.


The same reason I will not use Evri, any problems I have as buyer with deliveries, it is normally Evri.


I left my shop open this time, all orders placed over the past two strike days were collected by RM this morning. I just purchased via click and drop normal service to Joe public.

The annoying thing is as they have the special offer on Tracked services, the prices are currently cheaper than my agreed business rate, I need to have a word about my business price rates!!
Good side is I haven’t lost money by buying that way to cover the strike days.

I will monitor when these items arrive, if everything gets delivered okay, I will do the same this coming week too.


we tried to speak to our business manager about these ‘introductory’ rates available to joe public - got us absolutely no where. It is insulting.
We are also trying to use that service to upgrade RM48 during strike times, but it takes absolutely ages


I did think I won’t have much hope reducing my prices, though I am sending a lot more tracked then when I was first given my rates, worth me sending an email, but doubt they will be as low as the ‘Joe Public’ price.

I am very tempted with just using that instead of the business account. The only pain is inputting the name/address, but I have got a lot quicker at copy/pasting :joy:
I can see why any business with 100’s of orders a day could not be inputting all the names/addresses to buy post this way.

It is about £150 a week cheaper with current promotional price, and £80 a week cheaper with at their normal rate compared to my business rates. (Would be £3,000-£4,000 saving for the year!)
I agree it is insulting when we pay thousands over the year, for years!


And the first 3* review asking why parcel is stuck at a hub - and asking for discount or refund.

its just silly season it really is. !!!


Just link your C&D with amazon/ebay thats what I do.

I have 1,000s of orders in there that I will never need though haha, but its easy to search for the order that you need to go tracked and apply the postage then pay for them all at the end.


You can link Joe Public Click n Drop?

I have my business Click and Drop linked, but did not realise you can import info on the normal personal click and drop…


Oh … I have just registered saying I am a customer without an OBA, (using a different email/login to my Business account)

I didn’t realise I could have my stores linked to a private and business click and drop!
That’s fantastic, thank you! Makes life so much better, especially while RM prices are cheaper via normal click and drop.
@Dedez Thanks


No problem :smiley:
I have mine linked to 2 C&D accounts too (one with my OBA and the other where I’m joe public and pay immediately)


Can you give me a quick pointer on how to do this?


Go to and click on ‘register for click and drop’
If you already have a business account, use a different email address.
Once your account is set up. On the home page dashboard there is a box which says ‘ Integrate your online stores’ click on there and you will be able to link all of your stores, Amazon, eBay etc
You will need codes from Amazon to input. (To find them - Under settings Click User permissions, click third-party developer and apps.)

That’s to set up a pay as you go account, with current Joe Public prices.

If you want a business account (which may enable cheaper rates for some services) You could apply for a business account, then follow the same method as above to links accounts.

Hope that helps?


Just had my collection… apparently the mail centres are “overflowing” :frowning:


Did anyone encounter any problems with their Royal Mail collections today?


nope - all good here and my collections centre was clear as they had a van take post 1pm saturday and again sunday


my is usual monday,
regular drivers van was empty, he says a lot of senders switch courier company due to uncertainty


Its quite likely that anecdotal evidence will be all over the place, as I imagine it’s going to be very local factors that determine what is going on.

It may turn out to be horrible but I suspect that the volumes and particularly the actual physical sacks RM are handling are going to be way down. While about half of my post (cheaper larger letters) still went by Royal Mail this only amounted to a sack and a half, whereas I handed over the equivalent of 3 RM sacks to Evri


I am only sending LL to RM at the moment but I posted something to my parents 1st Monday 21st and it arrive Saturday (Strike was Thur/Fri) so they are clearly already behind and I dread sending anything LL with expected delivery dates of 48hrs. Unfortunately most buyers think everything is coming by Amazon vans and not effected


Our collection was fine, collection driver said his van has been full all day and had to empty it several times more than usual.

He had emptied it before collecting from us so he could take the extra volume.


Anyone saw a new update from Royal Mail - additional strike days 9th and 11th December but 11th is Sunday I believe?