Royal Mail Strikes


I wonder if anyone can put my mind at rest due to the royal mail strikes i turned my SFP badge off yesterday to avoid any issues ( which I did during the October strikes and it worked fine) so my orders have come through as standard Royal Mail and i have printed the label no problem. However the items are still coming through as second day service without the prime badge with delivery for the 28th? When i go on amazon to order one of our items delivery day is the 1st December hahah I have no idea whats happening


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Don’t forget to try the price and quantity spreadsheet for bulk changes to your handling times, it’s one of the safest spreadsheets as you just need the SKU, Quantity and Handling times.

For example, I have 10 days handling set now and expected delivery is - 14th to 16th December.

Save and upload the file.

I always test it on one SKU first, make sure it’s what I want and then bulk upload.

Make sure to remove FBA items, and only do it for FBM SKU’s.

Download the template > Price & Quantity Template

Upload the template >


Have a look at your shipping settings.

Do you have 2-day premium shipping enabled? If so, remove it and you’ll be only offering your standard delivery with your chosen handling / delivery times.

Ironically, I have a 2-day premium order sent Tracked 24 on Monday, still yet to even receive a network scan today (Friday). :roll_eyes:


I’ve been experimenting with using Evri via Packlink for eBay orders for the last couple of days. All seems to be going well so far. I’m going to re-open a selection of Amazon FBM offers over the weekend and see how they go shipped the same way.

If that too goes well I think it will be bye-bye to RM for me.


When it was Hermes and they had a price promotion via Amazon Buy Shipping, I sent all parcels with them, via a drop off point. Saved quite a bit over RM48 parcels and there weren’t any issues. Prices went back up so I switched back to RM.


There is a promotion at the moment, so my parcels are going out at £2.29 vs about £2.60 (plus surcharge) with Royal Mail (both prices ex-VAT).

At the moment they beat RM by simply offering a service of course. It’s also nice to be able to take my parcels to the local collection point at my convenience rather than having to hang around waiting for the increasingly erratic RM driver to turn up each day.


Normally drop sack in at PO inside local corner shop but they are not taking in any post today/yesterday.

Therefore just drove to main PO in town and thankfully I just caught Royal Mail picking up sacks.

Only pick up of the day, but overhearing conversations he had been to corner shops with PO’s in like mine where there were no sacks etc.

Not sure how sorting and strikes work. at midnight do staff return to there desks and start sorting?


I remember reading the previous strikes started at 4am and finished at 4am.

So if it’s the same again then the strike ends Saturday 4am.


it`s not simply the pay.

they want the posties to come in when needed and then work till finish be that 10 to 11 at night with a rolling 7 day contract reduced annual leave and no sick pay.
they offered 9% over 18 months not 12 months, thus they could redrawn that pay rise if targets are not hit on a local level.
so on some days the postie might work 4 works and then 12 the next. im not sure how you could pick your kids up from school or go to the dentist doctors etc. there talk of aman with a van` who could be like myhermes.


its not pay as the core reason they are out. plus its over 18 months. i understand that it is tied to performance local targets.
so maybe they could lose their rise as targets missed they RM want a complete re-working of posties contracts a gig contract.

they are removing sick pay and its going to be like BLONDIE hanging on the telephone that on their day off the postie could be asked to stay by the phone on their day off to come in.
if someone goes home sick then the postie could well have to pick up that 4 bags of mail too.
the posties i asked do state conditions over pay as the main reason.
RM wants a myhermes type service, owner drivers…who come and go as they please.


It’s showing as £2.46+VAT for me via Amazon compared to £2.76+VAT for RM48. Tempting…


Just be aware there is a surcharge for Northern Ireland and some parts of Scotland. I think the price for Evri is then £2.96 plus VAT if you buy via Amazon


sure, i take onboard your valid points, it is what it is.
yes its challenging for everyone. even sad if you like, but thats business as they say.
are we seeing the end of l/letters as we know it…maybe. personally i will switch to Amazon small and light and FBA in the next 3 months.

the fact is we as sellers need a good delivery service as do the buyers.

so presently that`s looking like Amazon will be building way more fulfillment centres.


Amazon still use RM quite a lot for s&l
Their current pricing is presumably due to the huge discounts they get from RM
If RM stop their LL service, amazon will no doubt have to relook at pricing for s&l


yes, i just want other sellers to consider the changes may not be great for all. at this rate i`m renting bricks and mortar.
however, small business big challenges.

thanks for having a wise view. i hope we as sellers come out these not too bruised


Granted. even Amazon is not going to double the price overnight though. they may even employ more folk to take l/letters, i just not in on their business model. AZ knows where they will be in 5 years i guess.

i am sure l/letters will be around for a while longer just in what manner or costing or reliability.

so prices for sending orders with Amazon may depend on how much AZ wants to pass on to small and light sellers, when and if they get a nice discount for volumes.

if postage or fba fees jump quickly, then costs will become too expensive too quick then some people close and any new sellers have the same challenge, and they are just as likely to close too, or avoid becoming a seller in the 1st place.
Amazon wants good sellers, and i believe they do like us in their AZ way.

i am pretty sure Amazon likes sellers to some degree and tries to keep us going in a supportive manner

I’m just saying things are changing for the Robins, just let`s hope for the best and make plans for change


Hi all, I dropped 20 mail bags at my local sorting office this morning with no problems and it was surprisingly empty and organised compare to a typical Saturday with just 10 yorks to go on the 12 o’clock van

Manager says they’re pretty much upto date in most areas


Thats good to know :slight_smile:

I still think the chaos will start on Monday when they start doing the business collections again where a lot of businesses will have 3 days of mail to hand over.


I totally agree, there was no post office mail at the sorting office either which is a worry for monday

I’ll be getting my orders on the 12oclock van on monday and tuesday as i think the late afternoon collection is where the problems will start