Royal Mail did not process any mail for the last 2 weeks


What depot is that ?


My depot is Liverpool, Bootle. lots of issues with long delays. We are in a very liberal area so a lot of support for strikes I imagine.

On ebay I’m having to refund everyone who opens a case, amazon I’ve not had a problem yet, but I sell only a little here.

Etsy has a wonderful new purchase scheme, which means as long as I send it tracked and on time they will refund the customer from their own purse rather than mine if it doesn’t arrive. Wish everywhere would follow suit!


Don’t forget on ebay there is a good 4 day wait before you need to act (obviously respond in the meantime with tracking though)
But on ebay if there’s tracking, the case will be closed with no defect as they are wiping them atm


Well, whoever told you that was clearly telling porkies. I ordered an item from Ebay on 29th November and it was delivered on December 3rd. There was a strike in between. I ordered another item, from an Amazon seller on the same day, which was also delivered on December 3rd and that was only standard 2nd class, LL. And just in case any of the “RM staff bashers” have any doubts, here’s the proof.


Thank you, I tend to add in the tracking again, explain the delay, ask if they are happy to wait a couple more days, and then will refund on the 2nd or 3rd day of them opening a case to make sure it doesn’t get escalated.


Atm I really wouldn’t - sorry if that’s bad advice
But atm there’s nothing the buyer can do for 4 days, in which time the item may arrive
If they do escalate, ebay are removing all defects
They will refund the customer, but you would’ve done that anyway

I’ve had 8 cases opened in the last 2 weeks on ebay, all have been closed by the buyers after 3 or 4 days as the items have arrived


The company Royal Mail are killing themselves because they do not care about the underpaid and over worked postal workers, every Manager, every Director at Royal Mail should hold there heads in shame.


It’s not porkies. Multiple postees on Twitter are reporting that they have been told to prioritize Tracked parcels over letters.

We send out thousands of parcels and LL a week with RM. At the moment the majority of “where’s my stuff” messages are coming from LL orders. We are regularly seeing delays of 2 weeks plus.

It’s true to say some LL stuff is getting through and some of it quickly but LLs are baring the brunt of the delays


That is actually on their official emails too as well as the website

On days when national strike action is taking place:

  • We will deliver as many Special Delivery and Tracked 24 parcels as possible
  • We will prioritise the delivery of COVID test kits and medical prescriptions wherever possible
  • We will not be delivering letters (with the exception of Special Delivery) or Door to Door mail
  • We will not be accepting customer handovers of Door to Door contracts at our Walk Bundling Centres


No thanks, I appreciate the tip! I’ll double check with seller help, but I didn’t realise they were removing case defects as well as late defects.

Luckily all the refunds we are talking about are only £2 or £3 really! I sell anything of value with tracked 48 instead.


Information for all sellers

Seller Protections

eBay will automatically protect your performance until Saturday 31 December for transactions for:

  • Your late delivery rate, which will be removed for transactions with estimated delivery dates until Saturday 31 December.
  • Your “item not received” count in your Service Metrics dashboard will be automatically removed.
  • We will also remove any negative and neutral feedback relating to or arising from late or non delivery during this period.
  • As always, please upload tracking details when you dispatch an item. This helps to keep your buyers informed, and adding tracking details gives you additional protection.


So it is porkies, then? The post stated:

Which bit about “any” do you not understand? You’ve just stated yourself that it’s true to say some LL stuff is getting through. You’re contradicting your own statement!


what a terrible thing to say.


It’s not a contradiction at all. Tracked parcel postage is only part of why RM are carrying so they are likely to get to some LL business aren’t they.

Also reported in the news


Of course it is. Read your own words. The OP said they were told

You said they were,

“in truth, processing some”

You’re contradicting yourself. They’re either processing none or they’re processing some. Either way, the OP has been told porkies and you’re contradicting yourself :joy:


Letters are well down the list of priorities at the moment and probably will remain that way.


In that BBC article “Royal Mail said letters and parcels were of “equal importance”.”

Obviously not.


The op said not processing any til the other mail was processed. Ergo - some is getting processed because there are periods of time when the other stuff has been processed, this will vary from depot to depot

I don’t know why you are labouring this point. It patently obvious to anyone who sends both LL items and tracked items that LLs are experiencing longer delays than tracked.


My only post at home for 2 weeks is one parcel I had delivered by a hired van that came on Wednesday, waiting on 2 bank cards that just aren’t coming

If I decide I’m not driving on a day I drop my LL post in the post box over the road (which is always empty) and that’s always almost full now when I go


I really don’t understand why people are so protective over posties?
A lot of people in various industries work very hard, and I’ll be honest here, I’ve not been very impressed with the attitude of a lot of Royal Mail staff over the last few years.
Certainly not a group of people I would place at the top of my admiration list.
I think they are going to soon learn that this striking has not done anything but lose them money, and that there are not many other jobs out there that are magically perfect.
It would be nice for everyone to be paid well and love their job, not work weekends etc, but it’s not realistic unfortunately.