Late dispatch strike but shipped on time


Can someone tell me what is going on here Please. Book ordered 10.15 at night on the 30th. Shipped 31st, not marked as shipped untill 12.10 am on the 1st and i have an order defect for late shipping. Surely its 48 hours to ship, not 24, as this says ?


22:16 GMT 202-0820458-7917115

Buyer name:


Fulfilment method: Seller

Sales channel:
The Lakes

ASIN: 0723213038

SKU: sh2n

Quantity: 1

Item subtotal: £12.00 Standard

Ship by date: 31 Jan 2023

Deliver by date: 3 Feb 2023 to 14 Feb 2023 Shipped

Late Shipped. You are required to maintain Late Shipment Rate belo


The ship by date is 31st Jan. you marked it as shipped on 1st Feb.

The standard Handling Time to Ship is 1 day.

Hence late shipment. You can increase your handling time in shipping settings if you need to.


odd. Mine has always been 2 days, for the last ten years. And I didnt alter anything. I cant always ship on the same day, its just not possible. Hmmm…


You’d need to check what it states on this page under Handling Time.

I recall that default handling time was introduced at some point. You might also need to check if there are any Handling Time Overrides on your listings, you’d check that within Manage Inventory.


I sell FBM on a simple plan.( I only sell a few books a week, at best, so £25 a month would be uneconomic. ) This gives me very limited options. The page you highlighted only states delivery times, not handling times. I have spent half the morning looking, but I cant find anything about either expected dispatch times or how to adjust them. With the seller plan I use, you get what Amazon gives you, which , up to now, has always been 2 days.


Also, I am not signed up for 24 hour delivery.


HMM. Just found a thread saying the handling time for new professional sellers has recently ( Oct 22 ) been set to one day. Looks like Im a victim of that with no option to change it.


Ahh, I see yes, handling time modification at account level is only possible on the Pro Plan.

Do you have the option to amend at Listing level? If you go into Edit a Product in manage Inventory - if you can amend it, Handling Time sits under the ‘Offer’ tab


Thank you. I have already tried it on one listing, Which just disappeared ! I am waiting to see if it comes back. But i have about 800 different books listed, I have never specified a handling time before, or needed to. There is no unit on the handling time, I might just have agreed to ship within 2 hours !


its days if you can change it


You would have been fine if you marked it shipped on the 31st when you actually shipped it though


oh yes, but I was in no hurry, I should have had plenty of time…


Do you have a reference to that because I fell foul of this as well last week?

My handling time is also 2 days and it’s been like that for years without any issues. Then last week I got an order which I shipped out within my 2 day handling time and the next thing I know I’ve got a 100% late despatch defect and a warning that my account is at risk.

I’ve check through the Amazon news as well as my emails and nowhere can I find anything that states the handling time was changed to 1 day.

The biggest joke is that the shipping settings page won’t load so there’s no way I could have known that the handling time had been changed and there’s no way I can change it back.

I’m sick and tired of Amazon messing about with my account and my listings without telling me. It’s like the whole site is constantly booby trapped just to try and trip you up.

I opened a case with SS but as usual it’s going round in cirlces and getting nowhere.


Its quite impossible to communicate with Amazon about anything. What you get is what you get with no guarantee that what you get is the same as you got five minutes ago.
I found the thread by entering my question into Google, which threw up a seller forum post from Oct. But that was for new Professional sellers., Not established small timers like me.


Exactly this


I’m waiting for them to ask me to send in a plan of action where I’m expected to write them a grovelling appology and admit that it’s all my fault.


Presumably it should only apply to new sellers and those who have changed selling plan ?!


That is how I would read it. Its not much of a stretch though to assume they applied it to everyone through poor coding mind.

Not that you’ll ever get that answer from amazon.


Yet another Amazon policy badly implemented… Quelle surprise?


I have changed nothing. Except I thought I would try altering the dispatch time on a single item using Edit. I set it to ‘2’ and hit ‘submit’ That item has now entirely gone from my inventory. Not been suspended or anything else, just gone