Is Evri now Squarely putting Loss Parcel Claims at the hands of Amazon


You can speak to them on the phone as you can get past the automated system using a tracking number beginning with C00HHA. I’ve always found them very helpful but it is time consuming. With the amount of parcels that Evri seem to be losing this needs resolving. From what I can gather the Royal Mail are also saying claim from Amazon so the situation is the same with both couriers they’ve forced upon us.


Luckily I’ve only had to make one RM return loss claim which was in Dec. I did it on RM’s business online claim form, selected Tracked Returns. I claimed item cost ex VAT £17.50 & returns label cost £3.35. Both sums paid quickly.


Just received a response from Evri, not very encouraging so cannot decide if they are now taking on responsibility or leaving it with Amazon. They just don’t seem to have a policy between them or if they do they are certainly not sharing it with those that are working with it.

Thank you for contacting us about the parcel XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
I am sorry for the inconveniences caused by this delivery. I will raise an investigation about the whereabouts of this parcel so that it can be delivered to you as soon as possible. Please allow me 48 hours to provide you with further updates.

Kind regards,
Evri Customer Services


They always “raise an investigation” and ask that you allow them 48 hours to deal with the issue. Their responses though are usually more detailed than the response you have had.

I phoned them yesterday about a parcel that hasn’t moved for a few days. They always send an email confirming opening an investigation etc but they also include an incident number which is in a standard format i.e. 123456-789123. Whilst this is for a label I bought on my own account the procedure is the same as when I claimed for Amazon labels (purchases and returns lost).


I have an incident number and I received this at the first point of contact saying they will get back in 48 hours (Each response and message quotes the incident number in the headline so I am not mixing up other parcel inquiries). A few days later I received the email that I posted above at the start of the thread. I complained that the answer was not good enough which I have posted a few messages up and then received a response saying they will further engage in 48 hours which is where I am at.


You’re corresponding by email, I always ring them hence making it harder for them to fob people off. I always ring 48 hours later if nothing has changed and they’ve then opened the claim.

Over Christmas when I had problems getting through to them after raising queries, they either never updated anything after 48 hours or in about two cases emailed me weeks later saying to phone them to open a claim as parcel couldn’t be found etc. When I spoke to them yesterday they said they were making changes to the automated system due to issues with it.


Just an update as it was a month ago I created this thread wondering if progress was being made and the answer is ,NO

Below is a copy and pasted response from sell er support. Just beggars belief really

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

We are sorry for any inconvenience you’ve experienced and we’re committed to provide you required support. We understand your concern regarding the order lost in transit with Evri. We agree that these type of cases need quicker resolution time that what we took on this one. We are extremely sorry for the impact this may have on your business.

For an item that has become lost during transit.

You are to contact Evri via Evri Holly Chatbot to raise a claim for an order that was lost during transit and purchased through Amazon Buy Shipping by Evri.

  • You must state that you would like to raise a claim for an order purchased through Amazon Buy Shipping.
  • You must provide your Evri tracking number and a brief description of your enquiry.
  • Evri will launch an investigation and respond within 24 hours.
  • Upon completion of the investigation, in the event that it has been deemed lost, Evri will issue a lost claim form.
  • You have to provide a copy of your proof of purchase label in order to process the claim. Evri will also request your email address to issue the claims form and bank details in order to process the refund.
  • Upon receipt of the lost claim form, Evri will aim to process the refund within 28 days of receipt.

For more information on filing the claim against the courier partner:

Or answers on a postcard please?


I have had 8 Evri returns never arrive back to us i.e lost in transit, since December 2022.

As of yet, I haven’t bothered trying to make a claim as from reading the various threads concerning the process, it seems unlikely anything will come of it, plus the items we sell are relatively low value (about £10).

However, I would be interested to know if anyone has successfully claimed for the loss from Evri and actually received a payment from them?


My update is that my case is on the system as transferred but Amazon has now deleted the thread with all of my evidence etc. This thread is now my only point of public record that I even raised this issue with them.