Is anyone selling on Amazon France and Italy sites but are based here in the U.K.? Not FBA


Hello all.

Before Brexit we had a good trade to the EU countries (We sell personalised goods so cannot be FBA).
Our goods are under €150.
We are based in England but we listed on each EU countries individual Amazon site, for example: We listed our ad in French on the French site. French customers bought it, we made and shipped it, happy days.

Since Brexit, we had so many issues with Customs and Fees that we made the decision to stop selling on the EU sites.

We do get the occasional sale to France / Germany or Italy from our UK adverts, but we would like to sell directly again. With a sale to the EU from our UK ads, Amazon provide an IOSS number for us.

Has anyone done this since Brexit? If so, how did you deal with IOSS for that individual country?

We are aware of Taxamo who take care of VAT into each country and charge the seller a flat fee of £2.00 per sale.
Is anyone using them?
How do you find they work for you?

I hope you can help,



Would you be storing stock there ? Or just fulfilling fbm from England?


Hello The_Little_Shop

We sell personalised goods so we would ship from here in the UK.


Vat wouldn’t necessarily be required then

Are the Goods under or over €150 ?


Goods under €150


You dont need Taxamo or anything like that if goods under 150 Euro
Just use the correct service code when you send your item and provide the Amazon IOSS number to your courier. Amazon are responsible for collecting and remitting the VAT. Customer pays what they see it listed at with no more duties/taxes to pay on delivery.


In that case there maybe no vat required as amazon deal with it
You use a courier that can upload ioss info electronically and as long as you add that through the courier ie RM and add CN22 labels and tariff codes, you should be able to list and send


However, read up on the returnless refunds for international orders
And make sure your prices are higher to cover the vat and customs


Obviously - be aware of other Amazon policies for returns though
If you cannot provide a returns address in that country then you must offer free returns instead or returnless refunds


Ha ha TLS - we are echoing each other lol


Are we able to do this on each EU Amazon site, say France or Italy?


Great minds :wink:

@Planets_For_Sale1 just to add, many of us still don’t sell outside uk due to the above reasons


The site you sell on makes no difference.
Just make sure you are using correct Service Code (if using RM for example). Not all international service code options are compatible with IOSS. Then provide RM with the IOSS number Amazon gives you and also the Tariff Code of the item and add a customs form (RM can produce these for you). Problems usually arise when people do not provide correct Tariff Code, IOSS number and customs form.


Hi Simply_NikNaks1,

We use the Zenstores platform, the Tariff Code of the item and customs form are produced for each overseas order. We also attach a document for Customs with the cost breakdown and order value and IOSS number.
The Service Code is input according to the order placed.


In which case you have no worries - you certainly do not need to use Taxamo (assuming goods are below 150 Euro)
Your only problem is Amazon policy on International returns
Just to add - I dont do International on Amazon but I do from eBay and my own website, I dont use Taxamo and have no problems at all as long as I provide all the necessary data.


Yes, our goods are below 150 Euros.
Because we sell only personalised items, we tend not to have an issue with returns.

May I ask, with your own website, how do you deal with the VAT element of the order to the EU?


VAT is not applicable on sales to the EU anymore
My website removes any VAT from all international sales so customers are not paying it.
For such sales on my website I send the goods so customer pays any duties/taxes on delivery (and mention this in my T&Cs). Exactly as if the sale was international outside the EU.


Thank you, that is most useful.


You will also need an EORI number; it’s free from , and register for EPR if sending to Germany, and France will need it too in the new year.


Many thanks for your reply. We have our EORI numbers already. We will check out the EPR registration for Germany and France.