Inactive out of stock but shows avaliable


yes the shipment was received but none of them sold at all went straight to inactive


When you said further up that you deleted and relisted , did you use the same sku ?


yes i copied the same sku and all the information exactly the same and reuploaded it


Is the stock showing as stranded ?


yes and when i go the manage inventory then search suppressed and inactive inventory it tells me what its out of stock and i need to restock the item


That’s not stranded then
They are just reserved

What did the detailed reserved inventory report show ?



is this what your talking about


I normally use reports - fulfilment by amazon - reserved inventory but download it as a csv rather than text so that it’s clearer



these are the opinion’s i have


Do you have a letter of authorisation from those brands as its showing them as being sold only by new sellers, which is sometimes a bit of a red flag


Under inventory click show more and choose reserved inventory



i assume this is it


If you download as a csv it’s easier to read as it’s in table format


It’s a bit awkward to see without it being a csv but looking at the lines, they all seem to be in fc processing bar the 1st one where one is in fc transfer



is that better


thank you though i have really apprecatied your help i wouldnt of gotten to the bottom of this without your help and now i know more about this for next time