Inactive out of stock but shows avaliable


In that identity information section, at the top it should have business contact details and should show your business name etc and underneath it says beneficial owners and you must add all shareholders who hold 25% or more shares


And your products are from trade only suppliers with full invoices and not online or retail arbitrage ?


ive just been though all the information for identity and im 100% sure anything is correct all my information is correct and he uploaded passport and utility bill

we have both but the products im having problems with are all retail arbitrage


Retail arbitrage is not wise on amazon and is against fba policy


if that was the case surly it would alert my account no? and if it was againts there policy you wouldnt be able to do it full stop


no they won’t alert you, they’ll just deactivate the listings if and when they ask for your invoices

can you screenshot where its showing the items are inactive - the quantity drop down box and any stranded inventory box


that’s if the product is gated or requires authorization as i made sure that all the products before buying them i was able to sell them! appreciate all the help you’ve giving me


no unfortunately its not (although thats possibly what you’ve been told elsewhere ?!)
amazon quite often do random checks on asins for product authenticity and valid supply chain checks


Not really - they expect YOU to make yourself aware of their policies.
Some do get away with RA for a while, but as said above, as soon as they want proper invoices they will deactivate if you cannot provide.


do you have any idea on how to check or resolve the issue





this is one product


do you need any more information


Try this


I notice too you are offering in other countries
Are you registered for EPR if one is Germany ?
And have you also got the required insurance for storing goods in uk fba centres ?


And just to check, when you did this, did you use the same sku ?


i just tryed this and displayed no inventory found


(When you relisted ?)

And the first question I should’ve asked - were they received in full on the shipment ? Or did they sell ?


we are insured and for Germany no we aren’t any idea no how to stop selling in other country’s sorry i feel like a complete newbie