IMPORTANT UPDATE - LATEST Scanning changes to Royal Mail Tracked 24 / 48


My postman has just confirmed it too


Great another fly in the ointment!
Royal Mail will lose hundreds of customers I would think if the service went down the pan, our tracked items are not scanned until they reach the main sorting office, I have never had a collection and them scan each and every item before it leaves here. The only time we ever had this was we took our post to the post office many moons ago. Were they supposed to scan before then? The only delivery service we have that do scan when they pick up is UPS. All the others just pick up, we do not use Evri so not sure what they do.


If there is no scanning except on delivery, what is the point of paying for tracked mail? We might as well all use RM48/24 which also comes with just a delivery confirmation but for a third of the price


I also have a problem, my Prime listings are no longer coming through with Prime Shipping on them. I am told it is because of late deliveries by Royal Mail and the lack of scanning and it has been going on since last week sometime. Like it is my fault somehow, I am so tired of it all, poor sales, being treated by support as if late deliveries and lack of scanning are some crimes I have committed. The whole process is becoming unworkable and I have just had enough of the constant hassle.

I am authorised to sell a wide range of branded products and there is never a week that goes by when I don’t open my emails in the morning to a brand having been incorrectly removed for some violation that they have invented. I then have to provide proof repeatedly for the same stupid mistakes made by their systems and fight to get it resolved.

It is just not worth doing SFP anymore, it is not working and it is not providing the level of sales required. So I am taking a long hard look at the whole business, Amazon in particular and will be doing a lot of restructuring.


I think they are making another strategic mistake to please the shareholders in the short term, the world doesn’t need another EVRI. RM started to go seriously downhill around here since they have relied on casual staff. They might be paid less and have less perks but they also care less. What we need is a good, reliable and fairly affordable service. They had the structure, they had the staff but they have lacked the vision to be competitive without reducing the quality.


New Policy???
I don’t think so ,my collection office scanned my mail in just the same as they always do .
Gossip from a Postman is hardly a new Policy ,is it .


Casual staff are paid more not paid less. there was almost a riot at my local sorting office this morning when the postmen and women that work there found out that the 10 agency staff they had with them today were getting £18.50 an hour


Agency staff are paid way more than regular staff, they get double time on a Saturday, too. My collection guy said he saw an agency worker’s payslip and they were pulling in £8-900 a week after tax.


Not just in this industry, but often across the board of professions.
In my previous (pre-retirement) career, I was pretty much at the top of the tree, yet if they had to bring in agency staff, they were often paid far more than me for being at a basic, untrained level.


Dropped mail this morning at my local sorting office and customer service assistant I know has also told me their warehouse is absolutely crammed full, they are struggling to get anything else in because of the backlog and 1. they’ve been told to prioritise parcels despite a RM spokesperson claiming otherwise 2. although staff have offered to do overtime to clear the backlog this has been refused by RM and 3. the chances of the backlog being cleared before Christmas is slim to none, happy days!


The pay around here for temp postman was before the strikes £12.90, it might look a lot but we are in the Greater London area. I don’t know how much they have increased the pay in the past few weeks with the strikes, but if they have, I doubt it’s a permanent rate. On TotalJobs they advertise from £11.59 for an agency mail sorter and from £13.37 for an agency postman. In my past industry, agency staff are not always paid much more than permanent staff, if at all. And they can stay weeks with no work at all. I had a managerial position and often senior directors preferred to use agency staff because in the longer term they were cheaper (even after paying the agency fees) and didn’t want to recruit permanent staff “as too expensive” and difficult to get rid of. And then you have agencies that use self employed people that are even cheaper. Obviously, in sectors with a massive staff shortage, hourly pay will be higher, the usual supply and demand story.


Im guessing you have never been to a Royal Mail depot?
our local one has trolleys of mail just sat outside in an unsecure yard for anyone to just walk in.


This is what I keep getting from royal mail they collect then say they have not been able to collect.
We’ve successfully completed your collection request, order number CC-W307-016053108.

The same day but later in the evening, we get another saying.

We’re sorry but we were unable to fulfill your collection request, order number CC-W307-016053108 for the following item(s):


I haven’t used Royal mail on a regular basis for a long time, especially the second and first signed as there is seldom proof of delivery, it’s a joke, but have dipped a toe in the water of the tracked and collected service they have just started offering, but I have very little faith in Royal mail these days.


We can only confirm that none of the items posted as of 28 November 2022 had any scan yet. Talking about hundreds of parcel. We have contacted Royal Mail Business Customer Service and our Account manager and made it very clear how we found it. A report to Ofcom was sent as well as at the moment it looks like Royal Mail has never even collected any - when asked that is exactly what they say:

‘We can see the pre-advice only but appears Royal Mail have not had this item’

If there is no change within the next 48h we are going to start looking into legal channels.


WOW no surprise there Royal Mail failed in every kpi set. Maybe if they did not take extra days off in the summer when they felt it too hot to work and are continually on strike, they might get their act together.
I can see the Christmas headline already, Royal Mail Ruined Christmas.


i do not presently think it`s the staff. more so the higher up the tree.

I hope it is not set up to fail, if so then thats from the top. the big cheese he still gets his £0.5 million plus £72,000 pension pot and a golden goodbye of lets say £2 million tax free whilst your parcel lays somewhere in someone`s bin or thrown over the wrong gate.
it would be sad if the big cheese could not give a fig about you or me?

Amazon, is here to make money, sometimes the seller gets a nice cut too.


i totally agree with you.

my brother worked 4 agency jobs when he left the army, no one would take him as he was ex-army. of 18 years service. he was told by one company we dont take your sort`

so, he did some terrible agency jobs for 1 year and then some kind soul at ATS, oddly an ex-army sergeant took him on.
yes, 100% behind you, some agency staff are great people but just passing by, but they will work. some are not so great but that`s life.


My postie has just been and he scanned the tracked 24 / 48 parcels. Don’t normally have collections but have been taking advantage of the free ones and cheap tracked post offer available for non business accounts.


Amazon need to get involved here. Will they be looking at this?