Help to get verified!


Up the thread you stated you were an individual so that means you should now be verified however, you won’t be able to list and sell stock that you have bought with the intention to sell for a profit until you are registered with hmrc as a business and changed legal entity on amazon - which means reverification


Hello. I’m not in the UK. Should I choose UK Sole proprietor or Privately owned as my correct legal business entity?

I didn’t have any UTR, VAT number or HMRC.


What if I don’t have a National Insurance number?

Can I still get a UTR?


If you are not in the UK you cannot register as a UK sole trader
You either need to register as an equivalent of a sole trader in your home country or a ltd company in uk
Check with your accountant which is best
If you plan on selling using UK fba warehouses, you will need to be UK VAT registered

Speak with your accountant before you start. These things sound easy , as does selling on amazon, but you may find yourself quickly out of pocket if you don’t get it right


thank you so much. I have a contact prep center in the UK and He advised me to have a LTD company and sent me a link on how to proceed. I didn’t expect I will encounter this I already purchased some products and it’s on it’s way to my PREP CENTER


Sorry to sound harsh but did you not do any research first ?

Did they send you the link for uk vat registration too ?


I did a few research here and saw this thread. The link that I got is for LTD registration not for UK VAT registration. Here’s the link I purchased their basic package today.


As a NETP - non established taxable person , you must register for UK VAT before any stock is sent to amazon
If you don’t, they will suspend your account