Business entity and account reinstating


Hello @ Amzstore_Uk_limited,

You can still appeal from the decision taken, so please contact the Account Health support via your Seller Central and ask for help. The agent will provide you the guidance to next steps.



12 days ago


What is your late despatch rate %


I sent them yesterday with this method and I got the same email saying the information we have is not enough and they said the tracking information can be provided from the manage orders section. Im getting worried now


32% late dispatch rate


The tracking is definitely entered correctly on the orders pages?


Ah that’s way over acceptable

Why did you despatch late ?


the tracking id is not showing on manage and I even bought the shipping from amazon


That’s strange - I don’t use buy shipping but I thought it should be automatically added?

@The_Little_Shop Any idea?


yes it is automatically added it was the same for my previous orders but on these ones don’t know what’s wrong


Standard 1st and 2nd class doesn’t ‘save’ any tracking on the order
You’d need to reprint the label or get the tracking number from the receipt . Unfortunately though, you cannot edit a buy shipping shipment confirmation I don’t think


reprint the label but it does not show the tracking number on that either


the order way amazon has asked me to confirm is by requesting a review from the customers


Ah I thought parcels did ?!

Seems like a waste of using buy shipping


and see the status on the orders it’s still saying as shipped


Why did you ship so late ?

Can you post the full notification from them


So the order was meant to ship let’s say today and by that time post offices closed so I had to ship the next day


I received it this morning

Hello AmzstoreUklimited,

We do not have enough information to reinstate your account. We are not able to confirm delivery of your recent seller-fulfilled orders. Please provide us evidence of delivery or verify that currently uploaded tracking information is correct. Tracking information may be provided in the Manage Orders section of your seller account. This may include buyer confirmation of receipt or proof-of-delivery documentation.

If you are an Amazon Easy Ship seller, please confirm that you use this service for your seller-fulfilled orders as part of your submission.


But if you were buying from amazon buy shipping you could’ve bought the label same day anyway - you have 2 days to ship it if you look at the use by date on the label

Have you now extended your handling time as presumably it was set to same day if the order came in as the post office shut and you posted next day instead ?!


What was the very first notification