Business entity and account reinstating


Hello so I my account is in under review and amazon has asked me to provide fulfilment or proof of delivery which I provided post office receipts, and they emailed me back saying the information we have is not enough and they said I have to go on my orders and provide it from there which I don’t know how to.

They also asked me to verify my business entity and opened the option for me so which option I need to select to register as a Ltd is it the sole proprietor?

thanks in advance


Ltd is privately owned business


thank you also what can I provide amazon as proof of delivery as I sent them the post office receipts which they declined


Did you send with tracking ?


The PO receipts are only proof of posting, not proof of delivery.
The only way you can have proof of delivery is if you sent any of them via a tracked method.


yes the tracking numbers were on the receipts displaying as barcode number


Send them the links to the tracking on the courier websites

Do you not buy postage through amazon ?


I did buy through amazon but the tracking id is not showing


Why are they asking for proof if you bought from amazon ?
Whats the reason ? Can you post the notification



Hello AmzstoreUklimited,

We do not have enough information to reinstate your account. We are not able to confirm delivery of your recent seller-fulfilled orders. Please provide us evidence of delivery or verify that currently uploaded tracking information is correct. Tracking information may be provided in the Manage Orders section of your seller account. This may include buyer confirmation of receipt or proof-of-delivery documentation.

If you are an Amazon Easy Ship seller, please confirm that you use this service for your seller-fulfilled orders as part of your submission.

How do I send the required information?
Please click on the View Appeal button on the Account Health page ( and submit additional information as requested.


And what happened before this ?


Hello AmzstoreUklimited,

Your Amazon seller account has been placed under temporary review. This review period will provide us time to confirm delivery of your recent seller-fulfilled orders. The review period should not exceed 30 days. While your account is under review, your seller-fulfilled offers have been deactivated in accordance with section 3 of the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement ( Funds will remain in your account, but you will not be able to receive any disbursements during the review period.

Once we confirm delivery of recent seller-fulfilled orders, your offers will be reactivated and you may proceed with funds disbursements according to your normal disbursement schedule. If you have outstanding un-shipped orders during this time, please continue fulfilling these. Evidence of delivery will help expedite the review of your account.


When did you receive this and what postage method did you choose ?


4 days ago and i used royal mail 2nd class parcel


Go to the orders, click reprint label and see if there are tracking numbers on them as they are parcels


there is no tracking number there just order numbers


Do you post everything 2nd class parcel via buy shipping?


my valid tracking rate is 100% though with no customers complaint about the orders


There will be a tracking number on the actual label that you can put on the RM site and track (if it’s now working)


yeah I have got those receipts with the tracking numbers on it and they are all delivered, I sent them to amazon and they declined