Ask Amazon: Learn about the Send to Amazon workflow


This new workflow is streamlined towards Amazon private brand owners who send mostly case packed items…this new workflow is very rigid inflexible and doesn’t have enough features like the old version.

For a seller who sends parcel shipments containing a variety of products most not in case packs, this new workflow is a nightmare and deterrent from using FBA


I have just tried to make my first FBA shipment with the new “workflow” after two hours I have absolutely no idea how to do it. I am a small seller usually only sending a few items of each SKU to “top up” what I have in the warehouse, it is a total mystery to me, I have watched the Video time and the again, tried several efforts at making a shipment all to no avail

I can see me just closing Amazon very shortly because the effort v reward I am afraid is starting to make no sense between this latest nonsense and all the other hurdles constantly thrown our way.


After actually spending a bit of time looking at the new workflow, it is actually pretty straight forward.


having used it a few times it isn’t quite as complicated as it seemed initially, however, for my business"workflow" the old system suited me better, horses for courses I guess, like everything - it will suit some and not others


Can someone please explain how the new workflow is better?..inputting “prep requirements” individually…no allowance for a single box to contain multi SKUs…not being able to produce labels for non-mandatory labelled SKU’s…


That’s just the first time. The system remembers it after that

There is.
There are now 2 options.
Case packed, that’s where everything is the same in the box - just one sku
Individual units - thats for mixed skus

You can print fnsku labels at any time from the fba inventory page

Once you get the hang of the new workflow, it’s easier than the old

I wish the same could be said for the new fba inventory page though

There are some really helpful videos on seller university pages - they’re not just there for new sellers


When you download the picking list…before they used to state the barcode/EAN in a column (which we used to use internally)…now there are just dashes in the column and no barcodes/EANs are stated


Tried playing around with it…got up to the stage that you enter the tracking ID’s…and now I can’t delete it…the SKU’s within it will constantly show up as “inbound”


The new workflow wants me to [invisibly] pack and box all the items first and then give me the option to download the picking list???

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