Are more customers trying it on?


NP it’s polite and formal, contains the order number, item description tracking and service used, then the customer’s name and address, with an area for them to sign, print their name and date with the line

‘I XXXX confirm that order XXXX for XXXX tracking ref XXXX has not been received at the above address on this date XXXX’. Signature XXX Date XXXX

We apologise for the loss and explain that returning the form will help the carrier investigation and may prevent further consignment problems with deliveries to their address. We do genuinely want to assist where there has been legitimate problem, it may be that the customer has a really bad postie, which is why we also ask the Sorting Office is contacted and inform the customer of this. We have had the postie for a Special item re-visit the buyer address the next day when the buyer claimed non-delivery, because he knew he’d delivered it - that’s what he told his manager - should have been an interesting first thing in the morning conversation - customers don’t realise that posties are personally responsible for SD and it can be a sackable offence if they go AWOL.

We will try for a 24hr turn around time once the form has been recieved, as we want a genuine customer whose simply experienced a problem to appreciate that we will do our best to resolve the situation ASAP and to their satisfaction.

If they can’t scan (not everyone can) then we request a paper copy is posted (postage reimbursed) if they can’t print they we post one out with an tracked SAE, the customer would also be able to take a pic and attach to a message that way - depending if the pic is legible we’d accept this too.

(I’d attach a pdf if I could find the pro forma).


That’s brilliant RS… Thank you…


NP I should add (while I’m now tempting fate) we send 99.5% via Signed For or Special Delivery services. This is not always the cheapest option, but we also factor in our time when having to resolve lost item disputes. We only use standard mail where we’d accommodate a purchase price refund without feeling the pain. The circs are different for low value high volume sellers, we’re in the reverse position of higher value lower volume.
That we couldn’t locate our last updated pro-forma claim form is a v good thing, it indicates how infrequent the problem is for us.
We always jump on any non-delivery claims PDQ and we typically dispatch the same day - this means if there is a reported problem the delivery may still be fresh in the carrier’s mind and of course the customer understands their problem is being addressed v promptly which may placate them.


I’ve literally just gotten this. Andy says it’s the first time in almost 10 years of Amazon trading :joy:. So, I’d be inclined to say, yes, more customers certainly are trying to it on lmao.

To make it worse, it’s a £2.50 stabilo highlighter… so the great review or not makes no difference to me!


Gotta love a trier :laughing:


Just send them a photo back with the highlighter highlighting the word Sample.




Of all the dozens of Amazon orders I’ve received while at home, the only time I can remember ever seeing a delivery driver was when I ordered alcohol and they asked to see some ID before letting me have it!

Normally I barely glimpse the back of them as they sprint off back to the van.


love it!!!



I’m left shouting down our intercom, they ring, shout Amazon, then drop and run. They are literally on the doorstep for 5 seconds.
Alcohol and pin code deliveries are the only exceptions. My last, who did have to ring and wait, moaned at the weight of the parcel as it contained 10kg pet food - big sigh and ‘what are you buying that for?’. One really nice driver who phoned me and waited for five minutes for me to get home as he required a pin code, so would have have to come back the next day. Personal experience is that their service is adequate, not great, certainly with the highest percentage of dump and run deliveries - in some ways I’m not surprised MPS get INRs if they’re using FBA.


This happens quite frequently. Often we point out that the doorframe or something matches per Google Maps and most melt away.


We factor for 20% off the top for Amazon sales, that’s their 16+% fees and the rest to cover the time wasted complying with daft rules, the fraud they enable, and the money of ours they give away without asking. So yes, we charge more here than any other platform.


Bit cheap for the hassle, and it is hassle! I’m about the same though, people purchasing from me through Amazon pay an extra 30-35% for the privilege. A £5 item here I sell for £3.50 on all other sites because my time, indeed our time, is limited and expensive. Every extra policy requirement increases prices by 2-4% depending on what it is, returnless refunds increased my prices by 2%. Poor unknowkedgeable seller support and lack of understanding means price increases of 10% over other sites. Refunding 200 customers over xmas on volume of 2000, well there’s an extra 10% cost there too. If customers are price sensitive, I sell cheaper on all other platforms. Which means, hopefully, during a cost of living crisis, customers migrate to them. I’ll get less revenue and less stress less hassle more worth it


Just had a message on another site, my parcel was deliverd to my wheelie bin as a safe place and the bin now been emptied……
Check council website and that’s not till Thursday.
As it’s on the eBay they will likely find in our favour.


well done, for checking the council timetable!


Its a well known ploy i have caught a few with this one.

but just had another on amazon yesterday, customer claims not receipt, Image on DPD of someone taking the parcel in etc. property looks the same as Google Maps, Customer adamant. Called DPD this morning and they look at the Previous deliveries to that property. Guess what it matches the Tiles in the house, the walls color and everything GPS match too.

So gone back to them and see what they say now.

Had the same on our main website, DPD seem to be using their previous knowledge of address now to catch a load. they seem to be proactive. I did hear rumors that they will Ban deliveries to certain address if too many claims etc.


Council timetables are not reliable at the moment - our bins were collected a week late due to the roads being covered in ice until today…