Are more customers trying it on?


Absolutely! I am getting so many people saying the (new) cd doesn’t play, when it does, or other excuses. Only with Amazon. Amazon automatically take the buyers side and sellers like me are constantly out of pocket, after refunding the item, postage and their return postage. If they know they can get away with it what chance do we have?


We find as Xmas approaches there is an uprise in people trying iy on, hoping we will be too busy to do anything other than refund. They just want their purchase and their money back. Also at this time of year Amazon inexplicably withdraw our 2 day delivery.- 4 years on the trot so far !


Just had a customer saying the box with a golf battery in (£249 !! ) was empty , they all however have an indivdual number on them and he has this morning registered it with the company , PLONKER , I would think better of them if they went shoplifting , at least a bit of nerve is needed for that !!


Yep totally agree. Amazon refund as soon as asked it would seem regardless of proof that the seller has.

I don’t know any other platform that does this so readily.


It seems that people with any semblance of a conscience are a dying breed. :unamused:



Ive been selling on amazon for almost 10 years

We are getting at least 20-25 a day and all getting refunded

Amazon is a disgrace they do not support the sellers at all !!!

Its not even one particular courier as we use Royal Mail ,DPD ,Hermes ,Yodel,


Yep, I’ve turned this madness off.


Yes 100% there’s a minority who are and we’ve flagged this with Amazon - no real reply


What are you going to say on DM that cannot be said on this forum? Every seller is interested in Amazon’s view on these issues


Just as there is a similar increase in shoplifting at this time of year.


Well, if Winston wishes to have the order number and personal details for the customer to report this down the proper channels, I doubt the customer would want to find it on a public forum… Not to mention it would be a breach of data.


We had £500+ lost to claims in November, and we just received another 3 A-Zs today due to customers not acknowledging Royal Mail strikes, and as soon as the item is one day late, they want refunds. Absolute joke. On other platforms, we get full protections for feedback and defects, not to mention refunds…Amazon is a paradise for thieves.


Have you been extending your handling and delivery times?

Under Amazon T&Cs, once the delivery has missed the deadline for delivery then an A-Z will be granted in favour of the buyer.

But you’re not on other platforms?! You’re on Amazon… It’s a whole other ball game with everything…


That’s a fair comment but all he needs is the order number so no GDPR issue there.


Not necessarily, also hard to maintain a relevant conversation on a public forum where 43 users have replied, so far :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a serious question. Has anyone every reported a situation like this to the police? If I got caught taking an item like this from a High St shop out of the door without paying, I’d be escorted to a room with no windows by security and the police would be called. From memory, the police would actually do something about this case because it’s over £150 and I’d get a criminal record and probably some kind of banning order from the shopping centre. In this case it sound like you have plenty of evidence of a conviction.
I’m guessing Amz would take a pretty dim view of this but can they actually stand in the way of criminal proceedings?


Yes, and also, we have upgraded RM48 to RM24 to speed everything up.

I’m aware of that - still I believe Royal Mail strikes should be taken into account in these cases.



It is against policy to take action against a buyer outside of the platform. Amazon cannot prevent you from registering an attempt to commit fraud or prevent a criminal investigation, but they might withdraw your selling account if the buyer complains. Unfair isn’t it?


Just had a good one. Buyer purchased this item 5-6 weeks ago, and there is a thing on the item that is designed to break, if forced, like a shear pin, but it saves the whole item and you can buy another clip for a couple of pounds. Buyer complains the item has broken after only a ‘few’ weeks and wants a replacement. I explain what this is and how it is a feature of the item to save the whole item and that they can buy a new part cheaply… well they then open an A-Z case for ‘item not received’
So we have tracking, we have buyer messages in Amazon, all confirming they have had this for weeks etc. Amazon decide to give the buyer a full refund for the item, at Amazon cost.
Ok, it did not cost me, but here we are again, buyer can now buy this small part and basically get the whole item for the cost of the part. It is the education Amazon gives people that teaches them for the future and they also tell friends, relations etc, who will tell theirs and so on.


Hi RS, thanks for your reply. How do you word the request for "denial of receipt declaration” ?

Thank you…