Are more customers trying it on?


We have had a few recently too, its a joke.

We have recently had a well know computer business who purchased an item from us, they said it was damaged on arrival, asked for pictures of the damaged item, never got the pictures after repeatedly asking for them.
The customer raised an A-Z and it was granted. We sent all the details to Amazon, but was told we did not respond to the customers return request in time, which we did within the 24 hour time frame, but were awaiting the pictures of the damaged item and the serial code to confirm it was one of ours.
We have had a courier go to them for collection of the damaged item 6 times now, but no response. So they have the money and the item??? And they are a business… Seriously?? We lose out on the money, the item and its counted against us, how is that justifiable?

Another one tried it saying she did not receive the item, yet confirmed that the door in the proof of delivery photo was hers, but because the driver did not knock on her door and her dog did not bark, she claimed she had not received it, yet she confirmed that she could see on her video doorbell that it was left there, and that no one came after, but did not know where it went? So she raised an A-Z and Amazon refunded at their cost.

Amazon are just assisting in day light robbery as customers know they can get away with an A-Z claim… It HAS TO STOP.


I have the same issue, also claiming lower value items are damaged in the hope they get a refund and do not need to return as the cost postage outweighs the return.


Maybe amazon shouod tell us which customers they expect a pin off to receive the product, they already have that information and they themselves use it, so to protect us as selling partners it seems only reasonable to be able to have access to knowledge of which customers they believe risky which customer they dont


Our local Post Office is now crammed with Amazon parcels being left there at the customer’s request - this reason for this according to the owner is that customers are sick of their Amazon parcels being abandoned in full view of the street and stolen.

The Amazon delivery experience seems to be pretty universal, they ring, drop the parcel and run - the drivers never wait for a reply. We’re in London, so have some narrowish roads in the Edwardian built area in which we live, Amazon drivers accommodate this (it’s always Amazon drivers) by mounting the kerb and pulling across and blocking the pavement at a 30 degree angle, which is how you park a LWB Transit in the space for a Ford Focus apparently.


See above, we have this above a threshold value after once of our deliveries (in a personal capacity) went walkabout due to Amazon’s carrier’s negligence. I actively prefer it tbh rather than having my parcel left in a bin & it forces the Amazon driver to wait for longer than 5 seconds.


Yes… have seen a huge increase in people asking for refunds for much older orders… 4 weeks ago… 6 weeks ago… most likely because they’ve gone through their orders and seen the Amazon “you can ask for a refund” message for 24 / 48 items that haven’t been scanned… I normally advised I’m calling their local depot to investigate and don’t hear again… had one a few weeks who messaged back within 60 seconds saying oh my wife had it…:sweat_smile:


Have started using the Amazon “Hub” pick up myself. We cancelled the £8.99 a month Prime and swapped to collection as collection is free even if it’s under a £20 spend to the HUB and most times it arrives within a day or two… Our hub is a corner shop 2 minute walk away so it’s win win…


Thanks I didn’t know the under £20, free delivery to a collection locker was a thing - I’ll cancel Prime - which I’ve been meaning to do for the last couple of months, you’ve just given me the incentive to do so. :wink:


Yup, Amazon, the world’s most customer centric marketplace allows and encourages scammers. And you’re right, fraudulent claims on other marketplaces are rare. In other marketplaces we send overseas untracked and have 2 or 3 claims a year.


They are trying it on as Amazon encourage them to do so. by ie the Auto-email being sent out I am sorry that your item has not arrived you may ask the seller for a refund.
In the last 2 years 100% of online theft from my online sales channels has been on Amazon.
On Amazon we have no protections at all if a customer wants any item that I sell they can get it for free. ON other sites we have protections.


basically, amazon favours the fraudsters, I’ve seen A-Z cases where amazon still refunds even after an actual sig, pictures of the person holding it (facebook proof also same person, same name, same town) GPS. amazon simply do not care as its not them that foots the bill


A legally binding Non-Receipt Document should be part of the claim process regardless of carrier IMO.


‘Orders Not Received’ claims significantly up here despite evidence and our 1st A-Z in 4 years earlier in the week :frowning: We are also seeing a higher Return Rate - item too small/large but then claimed as ‘unopened’…Hmmm.


Amazon really don’t help, I have orders from Tuesday that have to be sent today, whilst Royal Mail are on strike, presumably they expect us to send via other means, items at £6.99 we’re expected to pay £3+ for postage?. Ironically, I ordered something 6 DAYS ago online which was being sent through the ‘new’ Hermes, still not got it, this whole system is broke and is getting worse, it worked better during the pandemic for god sakes.


Interestingly I wrote to a customer asking for a “denial of receipt declaration” the customer complained to Amazon and I received a Policy Violation Warning for writing an “Unprofessional Message” to a customer. Obviously the customer received a refund and we received an order defect.

It’s times like these when the “Love, Hate” relationship phrase becomes most relevant…


Online shoplifting is a real problem that is on the increase and is crippling to small businesses like ours. I know that Amazon are striving the be “the most customer centric organisation on the planet” but surely that does not mean that they have to breed fraudulent activity, treat sellers unfairly etc. They class our shipping methods as “valid tracking” but then won’t stand by the “valid tracking” in an A-Z.

By paying the buyers out even when tracking shows delivered with signature and GPS coordinates, this just encourages more of this behaviour! Why can’t they see this?

I find it so stressful and it seriously affects my mental health. I am no snowflake by any stretch of the imagination but the fear of suspension is real and so you just have to adopt a submission stance. In time, I have no doubt that there will be some form of legal action against Amazon from sellers for mistreatment.

We should set up a “National Association” for sellers against online shoplifting :slight_smile:


you’re probably right IMO. but never assume things when it comes to this. keep an eye on your returns/fraud rate and adjust prices accordingly so you aren’t losing money due to factors outside your control.

just like the couriers have a ‘fuel surcharge’, we should have a ‘breakage surcharge’ (breakage being the loss of stock due to accidental damages, shoplifting, returns fraud, etc) but with the surcharge integrated in the visible sale price.

if you do this regularly it doesn’t matter how many customers are defrauding you because it is happening to us all at the same rate, roughly.


I’ve just pieced one together. Customer ordered a necklace from us.

  • 22 Nov - we receive a 'customer has contacted us message via customer services. Customer claims the necklace broke and wants a replacement. Fine - we provide a return label.

  • 23 Nov they claim they ’ wright revuie if u pay me back the cost and send me free chain for this messing around please if u cant fine we do it your way and you get low revieu remember its gold not silver’ - message reported and we again advise, if you return the chain, we will refund you

  • 23 Nov - next message claims 'i gave u very poor i did ask u to sort it you come back with sending in and messing abut lable im also go make complaint to amazon’ - we report again but there isn’t actually any review that we can see

  • 27 Nov - A to Z claim opened under reason ‘Package did not arrive’ with comments 'The item is damaged, the customer is disabled and cannot go out and seller is not cooperating. Please check and assist the customer with his refund.

A to Z claim granted Amazon Funded. This could not be any more clear cut a fraudulent act and yes we haven’t lost out - but the buyer has certainly won more than us!


We always send these (everything we send is tracked so losses are rare) we tell the customer it expedites the refund process, which it does. If they refuse, which we haven’t had btw, we’d regard it as very suspicious and report them - not that this would do much good - it’s mainly to protect us from A-Z claims. The declaration is submitted to RM (they sometimes require it) automatically as part of any claim.
We also advise the customer we will contact their local DO as part of due diligence to find out who was undertaking the round on the day tracking states delivered - this can focus minds (we do undertake this btw as part of genuine CS). Posties generally do not like being taken aside by their managers for possible theft & may challenge the resident.
Amazon could cut such claims instantly by requiring a delivery code for the driver, a customer tick box that a safe space is specified at the customers risk and most importantly not allowing their drivers to dump boxes on a doorstep as a default delivery method (ie give them more time for each delivery) but they will implement none of the above.
I can see both sides, delivery drivers used to take boxes away and re-deliver if no one was home, that largely seem to have vanished partly due to Covid and partly due to the sheer volume of consignments now being delivered.
What really irks me as the carrier picture proofs of people with open doors/feet shown that Amazon rejects, verifying such proof is a 30second job, which is what SS is supposed to be there to undertake.


Yes A-Z claims regarding this are on the rise and we are getting more and more each day.