Account deactivated - Incorrectly selected marketplace region when creating amazon account


Thanks for replying. North America amazon support suggested to open new one, so i did it as they said.

I’ve read before i cannot have more than one account, but they stayed with theirs and said there was no problem if I opened a new one.

What should I do at this point? Who should I contact? It really is very confusing



Maybe I’m missing something but if you are based in Poland, wouldn’t have made more sense to register with ?


Yes, my fault for not checking it during registration, but I thought marketplace is selected during registration (later stage). I thought I could create an account on amazon…com without any problem. Well, mistakes. Now I see how much it cost me. I will be more vigilant in the future :/.

I don’t want to trade on the PL market. I thought that by creating an account on I would only be able to trade there.


Well I’m registered on .co uk but I can sell on .pl if I want - not that I do at the moment, with all the costs and confusion over international post.

As Poland is part of the EU and the UK no longer is, I would assume it would actually make things easier to register in Poland.


Okay. Thanks for reply and info.

But i still don’t know if i won’t get perma banned for multi-account.

I want to avoid that.

I’ve already deleted my account in North America.


@ JillyB1, thank you for the notification - great idea :slight_smile:


Good morning @ JkLong and everyone, who is helping our new seller,

Happy Monday :slight_smile:

@ JkLong, I will move this thread to another folder in this forum, which is called UK Account Health. You will get support from the Amazon agent, who can review your case and guide you to the next steps.

I hope you will solve the issue very soon and will be able to continue your business.



Hello @JkLong ,

This is Xeno from Amazon to help you with your concerns.

We understand the concern about your account verification. Let’s work together in finding the solution.

I really appreciate you for the information that you have provided in the form of screenshots, which has made things easy to understand.

In order to resolve this issue, we would request you to follow the instructions provided by the team through the Performance Notification so that they can review the information and help you accordingly. Also, I do understand that the name on your selling account and documentation are not similar, hence in this case we would request you to raise a case by clicking here, with the same information in a detailed manner so that they can review it, take the next course of action and help you with the best possible resolution.

The forums community and I are here to support you. Please let us know how we can help you from this point forward.



Hello @Xeno_Amazon

Thanks for answering.

I’m a little confused. I checked Performance Notifications and the same instructions are there as in the screenshots from me. I can’t follow this link youve send me, because it’s redirecting me to, because of blocked account.


Hello @JkLong ,

I’m Abella from Amazon, here to assist you.

Thank you for sharing a screenshot of this issue.

There are certain policies that Amazon expects its sellers to follow while operating the platform, and Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement is one among them.

You can attach the bill which is under your parents name along with a document (such as birth certificate/ a government issued ID which has your parents name/ passport) that can prove the relationship between you and the bill holder.

If you need any further assistance, you can post here so that we or any of the sellers on forum can help you.




Thank You @Abella_Amazon for helping.

I’ll try that and tell you how it went.

I hope everything will be alright :slight_smile:

Kind Regards


Hello again.

I have sent amazon these documents: Bill for mobile/internet, Both ID’s (mine and my dad’s) - It proved relationship between us. There is my Dad’s name in my ID.

They sent me this


Do you not have bills in your name ?

The last op that was advised this still failed verification
@Abella_Amazon is it correct that you can use someone else’s bills ?

Edit I’ve just read the response from the verification team

@Abella_Amazon the verification team have now twice responded to say that the bill must be in your own name


Translation to english - We have received your request, but we do not have enough information to be able to reactivate your account.

Why has this happened?
We were unable to verify the documents you submitted because the name on the documents does not match the information you entered in Seller Central. Please refer to the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement for more information on our requirements:


I have bills on my name but only at my home address. My business address is different and i don’t have any bills on my name.


It’s the residential address they will be checking

Edit - although you say

So not really sure I follow .
Do you live at home with your parents or have you now moved out ?
Is the business registered at your address or your parents address ?

Are you aware residential and home mean the same thing (I understand you are potentially using a translation app ?!)


Okay. I think it’s getting closer to solve this problem.

I moved out
Business is registered at my parents address

I’ve see now residential and home addresses are the same. I put different addresses in the seller amazon registration - I have no clue home and residential addresses are the same. In my country there’s a difference between, to what address my parents have registered me at ( I thought it’s residential address) and at what address i currently live (home address).

But i understand now home address = residential address.

In the contact form i’ve put 2 different addresses so it might be a problem.

I have only bills at my name from home address, which amazon didn’t check. They sent code to my parents address.


Not sure if its the same in Poland but here in UK, you register as a sole trader usually at your own home address (or sometimes business premises)

I note you say you don’t want to sell on
Are you planning on UK FBA and if so , are you aware you need UK VAT registration too ?