Which courier do you trust, to deliver books safely on time during the Royal Mail strike?


Yes but ups collection points (if in a local shop) may only take a few boxes so you couldn’t rock up with 20
Sorry as I said above, I thought you may only have a box or 2 when I suggested it


I know and I can’t carry so much. UPS is a real disappointment, DPD was late one day last week but they let me know straightaway, it’s all I ask.


Presumably it’s your area that’s snowed under as our area seems to be coping OK (touch wood)


UPS is one of the couriers that should be ok, but three days no show and no apologies is a bit too much, snowed under or not. After all they are not the cheapest. If they don’t come I will open the boxes and cancel the shipment and make a smaller shipment that I can actually carry to the shop myself. Maybe a box a day…I have sold out some of the products I had here and the other half is in the boxes…but then will they ever get delivered on time?


They are pretty much one of the cheapest paying through amazon - just over £3 for a 15kg box. I can’t get that elsewhere

When you booked in the collection did you do it online or on the phone ?
Did you give the same tracking number on each of the 3 separate times you arranged it ?


Yes I did, I know they are cheap with Amazon, but as a courier they are not. I booked it online. I got this this morning
"I am sorry to hear about your experience. Our records shows for the reference 2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX that it was scheduled for a collection on 12/2/22.

Accordingly I request an assistance from the relevant team to work on this and for you to be assisted.

In the meantime please keep your lines open for you to be notified today at 9:00 AM.

Should you require additional assistance, please let us know."

And then they confirmed they would be coming between 9 and 2pm.

Collection Date Monday, December 5, 2022
Shipment Ready At 9:00 AM
Pick Shipment Up By 2:00 PM


THEY HAVE ARRIVED! UPS HAS ARRIVED! The usual grumpy driver but I don’t care as long as they take the boxes to Amazon.


We use Fedex - tend to be cheap and tracking works with Amazon. But drivers sometimes deliver to random addresses as they are not obliged to obtain a signature. There is a claim system that works though.
We also use Parcelforce who are afflicted by strikes also as in CWU who are pretty good - claims system is a joke though and are a bit more expensive.
DX are price wise in the middle - unfortunately their tracking does not integrate well with Amazon so cocks up premium shipping eligibilities. They also require a signature

Have also used APC - fairly poor and not cheap.
Not sure about UPS and DHL as we have not used them.

Never used YODEL and EVRI as they have got a poor reputation although probably cheaper.