Royal Mail Strikes


No, I’m pretty sure it is part of the Universal Agreement. @Postees1 might be able to confirm


Because letters and LL are losing them money?

To drop letters would be outrageous, as there is no alternatives.

If they drop LL, they will force customers to use their parcel option instead, which is making them money.

If they can’t drop LL, they will probably just raise the price for letter and LL.

They can’t raise the price for parcels, due to fierce competition out there.


Dave Ward has just been on LBC. They gave him a 2 hour platform to air his grievances.

I only heard the last few minutes but he clearly has a massive grudge against the CEO of RM and I can’t see him calling off the strikes while the current management are in control.
Grim. :frowning:


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LIkewise the other way round; Steve Thompson is equally minded about Dave Ward. You have two similar personalities throwing rocks at each other from a distance and trying to see who can stay the furthest away and still score a direct hit. However, I do agree with what Dave Ward said on the BBC two days ago; ie both of them meet face to face, on their own and observe what is said and done.

Thompson is very cowardly, in my opinion. He says a lot from “afar” but doesn’t answer direct questions, put repeatedly to him and clearly has an agenda. Now, if I was on the opposite side, I think I would have a grudge too, with that sort of attitude. He fancies himself as David v Goliath (or Maggie v Arthur, in 1984). At the end of the day, once all this is over, the board will dump him anyway…and he knows it, because having such a person as your CEO will only inflame the future.


Based on the way Ofcom interact with RM about price caps, I’ve always thought Large Letter was a specific part of the UPA, but I’ve checked and in the first place the UPA seems to break things up by weight rather than by size. There are some maximum sizes but I’ve only seen them listed for parcels and I can’t find a Large Letter reference in the documents at all.

This is from ofcom in 2012:

“Summary of March 2012 decision
3.2 In the March 2012 statement we set out our decision to extend the safeguard cap for
vulnerable consumers to Second Class stamp Large Letters and packets up to 2kg.
This decision was on the basis that while Letters make up the significant majority of
postal items sent by consumers, Large Letters and packets account for around half of
total household postal expenditure. We therefore concluded that the prices for Large
Letter and packet formats were likely to be important factors in determining whether
there is an affordable basic universal service product available to all consumers. In
addition, we took into account evidence that consumers lacked sufficient competitive
alternatives for these products. By contrast, we considered that there was no need
for a safeguard cap above 2kg as consumers’ use of parcels over this level was low
and there are a greater number of competitive alternatives to Royal Mail.”

The phrasing of that certainly makes it sound like they form part of the UPA, but it could just be similar wording confusing me.


That is a very moot point, as is this:

If LL are not actually part of the UPA, it certainly sounds like they are being treated as if they are?


Yeah, that’s my take on it as well.


I’m sure he has only been brought in with specific tasks in mind. I doubt he or the board expect him to be around for the long term.

Whilst the union has made this all about him the things he is trying to do ultimately come from the board. The owners of that business want it to change


Most likely, yes and he is the fall guy…and indeed, he will fall, at some point.

I agree. There is no doubt that they want massive changes, which of course is part of this dispute (not just the 9% pay offer that keeps getting bandied around). The owners also know there is a Private Equity Group circling above, like vultures around a wagon train.

There is one absolute certainty at the end of all of this; higher prices for postage. Strikes cost money and in the end, the consumer (in this case, sellers here) pays the price, which will then be passed on to the other consumers out there (the buyers).


I think that’s very clear. Do you have a lot of spare time? I don’t even bother typing half the time because it’s not worth my effort, never mind deleting it the following day :sleepy:. Especially the amount you post :rofl:


You have the right to delete your posts. That right is presumably designed for the occasional message that the poster later thinks better off.

You won’t be surprised that most users of the forum see anybody exercising that right ,on a routine basis, as frivolous and vexatious.


RM will not be able to increase their prices as much they would like to cover the losses made by the strike as they are constrained by the Universal Service Obligation.

They will continue to want to remove or degrade the Letter Service they currently offer as this loses them money.

My concern is that we will be ended up with a much inferior postal service than we have now. When I was young I remember having 2 deliveries a day, if you posted early enough in the day you could even get your letter delivered locally the same day! Now I see letters posted locally which take up to a week to arrive!


They are, Richard, but (as I highlighted earlier), this bit:

We therefore concluded that the prices for Large
Letter and packet formats were likely to be important factors in determining whether
there is an affordable basic universal service product available to all consumers .

the “affordable” price will be determined by OfCom, will it not? If OfCom goes down the same route as OfGem have with energy, then…BANG !!


Snap, especially at Christmas. There was always a local “hand stamp” cancellation on the postage stamps, from your local delivery office. Might sound a bit archaic, but it worked.


Yes it is and traditionally they have kept price increases fairly small. With high inflation though they may allow for higher increases next year.

If they increase them too high though they will become uncompetitive. Evri Postable service is only around £2.20 (excluding VAT) for a large letter format of 250 grams, with basic tracking compared with Royal Mail basic price of £1.65…if that gap narrows more then it will see more customers leave Royal Mail.

We will find out in a few weeks what next year increases are…and how more we will all have to pay!


I thought you just sold books? I didn’t realise you ate dictionaries for breakfast too :joy::rofl::laughing:


Indeed but even a massive allowable rise would still put RM cheaper than the alternatives. That’s the bit which concerns me though; if OfCom do an OfGem and allow a much bigger increase than would normally be the case? That would be an absolute crippler for sellers here !


I’m just about to call my local delivery office and cancel my collection for today and going forward.

I’ve survived with a combination of Evri, Yodel and UPS this week and don’t see why I won’t be able to going forward.

I’ve been with Royal Mail since I first started online sales almost 20 years ago, but this has finally forced my hand. If they ever get this mess sorted out I may consider returning, but then they will have the inertia that has worked for them all these years working against them, so who knows?


Well that’s good. The main thing is, you’ve managed to keep things going, keep your customers happy and hopefully make a few shekels in the process. Everybody has to do what they feel is right.