Refund at first scan for seller-fulfilled returns


Jesus wept! Thankfully most of my items are in Handmade, so exceptions can be made. But for my cards & calendars… It’ll just be - keep it. Stupid, stupid, stupid policy!


Well there is a way round it but ?
Returns with unpaid labels or seller prepaid labels are not eligible for a refund at first scan.


Disgusting. After leaving the platform for 9 months last year due to all these ridiculous changes, I came back a few months ago but this could very well be the final nail in the coffin. I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2003 so I’m an old timer and have been here through it all.

This is simply not fair and makes zero sense. Amazon, you need to REVERSE this stupid decision ASAP. As sellers, we have a right to inspect a returned item BEFORE any kind of refund is given to a customer.


So how would that work ?


Most folk (not doing custom) will have this in their returns settings. There is no option to opt out (apart for items in specific categories, custom, large items, Handmade, etc. And I assume also depending on the reason given for the return. But If there are exemptions there (the return reason selected), I’m pretty sure Amz will eventually apply this policy, whatever the reason the customer selects.

For my exempt items I have it marked as Unpaid Label. But for those you can’t exempt, then there is no option to provide an unpaid label AFAICS unless the customer contacts you first.


Absolutely - from one old-timer to another ! (you’ve got 3 years more than me !)


It appears the policy may attract the wrong sort of buyers. Its bad enough now having to pay for a return and then upload photographs showing the order has not been returned in accordance with the returns policy. If these policies eat into the margins I guess I would have to review what I spend on Amazon Prime or other

So far I placed the following orders on Amazon.

231 orders up to 15th Sept 2022
259 orders in 2021
171 orders 2020
59 orders in December 2019


What really angers me about amazon is the unfairness. They tout the ‘trying to make it seamless between amazon sales, FBA and SF for the customer experience’, but they follow different rules. Amazon rules are strangely are more in line with the rest of the business world. But the rules they set us are just soooo ridiculous. If the rules were the same whether they sold, FBA or SF it would be more bearable. And probably a better place to sell. Every time some stupid rule like this adds on, I put prices up a little bit more. Let the penny sellers have the troubles. Soon, if everyone did this, amazon would price themselves out, for genuine, quality service, and goods. As we would all be elsewhere, ebay, onbuy, our own websites.
Scamazon just CANNOT be trusted to make fair judgements in ANY circumstance I feel now. AtoZ is broken, now they want us to use SAFE-T, I’m sure that will be just as broken. But guess what, some new bright sparks idea will have brought AtoZ claims down by 50-90%!! Oh how AZ will crow.
I’m not even a long time seller, 4/5 years, but its changed a lot in that small period.


Absolute madness! The lunatics took over the asylum here a few years ago!


One on the left is how it was dispatched, while the one on the right is the same costume but returned with the reason “Description on the website was not accurate” so free returns label is issued but they stated it “Didn’t Fit”

This just opens it up even more for returns abuse with an additional workload to reclaim and the frustrating thing is that I doubt Amazon will ever recover losses from customers who do this only encouraging them to keep doing it.

Yet again Amazon shoots from the hip without thinking of the consequences for third-party sellers. If they had a decent customer service dept for us sellers it wouldn’t be so bad but the bots don’t give a …


Three orders were placed in two days all returns same product what does it tell you?


SAFE-T claim - great - but how do I know when a return hasn’t been received?
If Amazon are auto refunding - how do you keep a list of returns opened / returns refunded and returns received without this becoming an admin nightmare?


Amazon/Forum Mod - I sincerely hope that someone reads this thread and takes note of the comments, and the potential issues that we, as sellers, can see causing major problems for us, who you call your ‘Selling Partners’ !


Scary. To have no control over any of this, scary is the world that comes to mind.


Had a quick look - as some form of software that tracks multiple parcels would be useful.

All I can find out there is Packagetrackr which allows you to store tracking codes from various couriers and will notify by email when various parcels move through the network.

Its a bit clunky and slow - but this is probably what you are looking for, or at least something like it.


On SFP, Safe-T Claims have been there for a while.

BUT, they now show even if the item is completely smashed so binned, only 50% is covered by Amz. When it first started it was 100% paid by Amz (minus usual Selling fees).

I also gather this immediate refund has been happening in USA for a while, any Sellers had experience of that? (It also happens with FBA now in UK and has done for ages)


Reports > Return Reports

It gives you a report of all returns, tracking numbers, whether they have been refunded etc between chosen dates.

I guess you could run the tracking numbers through something like 17track or manually cross reference with your returns logs (if you keep them).

We use warehouse management software so I think we will probably have to download an Amazon Returns report and a WMS returns report every x days and cross reference, make a note of returns that have been refunded but not received and check them again later and eventually chase them up with SAFE-T claims. Of course that begs the question - how long should we wait between a customer posting and a SAFE-T claim? As sellers we know very well how parcels can often be delayed for no reason.


It’s not about fairness, the system is and always will be weighted in their favour. With FBA they control the stock and the MPS effectively has to suck up whatever they deem fit, refunds, stock fees, destruction of goods, mistakes, lost stock, etc. FBS meant Amazon wasn’t able to monetise the transaction to the same extent, so they worked out a way of doing so via the imposed returns process, where you have to purchase a label from them at an inflated price, increase revenue, no risk to them.

Amazon are already expensive for certain items, or at least have price parity, the CS is average at best, they seem to rely on customer inertia, trust and Prime as a method of retaining market share. Eg Subscribe and Save is a total misnomer, the household items they sell are often more expensive than simply going to a supermarket, sometimes substantially so. However it’s very easy to forget to you have monthly delivery scheduled and the prices on that order can change/increase even if you have reviewed it ahead of schedule - as a customer you have to actively cancel or amend - I’m assuming a large percentage of customers forget/can’t be bothered etc.
Daily price fluctuation is an oddity of Amazon and one which they do seem to exploit. I doubt many MPS change their prices on a daily basis unless attempting to obtain the buy box.
They need to be broken up or have effectively regulatory oversight, which they will lobby tooth and claw against, otherwise I’m afraid it’s going to continue to be a race to the bottom.


What, you mean like you do when you take into account customer behavior for INR claims?

So basically no protection at all then?



They do when it’s their loss - we had a £400 order sourced directly from our host left outside which went walkabout as their own driver didn’t bother to knock - we received a replacement, all fine - but ever since then orders over a certain threshold require a pin to be given to the driver on delivery - shockingly a loss prevention measure.
So they do react to INR losses, only it’s just their own they prioritise.