Refund at first scan for seller-fulfilled returns postponed to October 24, 2022


You do realise who pays for this, don’t you?

Amazon never loses out. Do you remember what happened when the government slapped on an online tax on them?


Not according to the USA market were this was rolled out last year. Safe-t claims are much harder to win than A-z claims and takes you e-mailing them back and forth for months.


We can vote with our feet & walk!
If the products come back damaged or a completely different item & Amazon doesn’t help, this may well be illegal.
Amazon are responsible for this plan. I agree with Gifts (above), we don’t generally get A to Zs with returns because they all come back tracked. We all refund accordingly & we personally have never had an issue. Why can’t it just stay as it is? In all honesty, if someone can’t wait 2 days for a refund then there is something seriously wrong here.


This will be fun coming into the Black Friday madness and the 60-day return window!


I have said for years the platform is open to abuse. It appears Amazon so customer focused that they forget about honest sellers.


So in theory, this policy should now be in place. Has anyone had any instances of a refund at first scan yet?

We’ve had our first two return requests where this should apply.

1 - customer upgraded to Second Day Delivery, so will be interesting to see what amazon refund there
2- customer claimed order missed estimated delivery date, but was delivered well in advance of the last estimated delivery day - so can we claim back the return label cost? Doubt it!


Well can confirm it is now live. Had order 2 above already moved to Prior Refund Pending once the parcel was dropped off at a Post Office. Now to try to open a Safe T Claim for the false return reason


If it is like SFP - Safe-T Claims have been around for ages.

You have to raise a claim, but generally they want photos as well, so a lot more work to do:
1: Photo of outside of the parcel, showing the parcel label.
2: Photo of the inside of the parcel, showing packaging, makers box, etc.
3: Photo to show item, and any marks, and point out if anything missing as well.

If not received, or they think courier damage, they reject the claim (so do not make a big deal of any outer packaging damaged). They only cover Buyer damage, not as new, different item received back, etc.

If not as new you only get 50% of item value maximum (used to be 100%, but not any more, only 100% claim if a different item, or Buyer returned to the wrong address, etc)


Well, if this is now live then it’s time to turn off Amazon sales.

How can I risk selling high-value items under this crazy policy?

Hasta la vista, baby. Been a fun 19 years.


Very interested to see how you get on with these two. Seller Support never answered my “will Premium delivery” not be refunded as it was an upgrade.

If Amazon do refund it then surely that would be illegal unless it’s written into their T&C’s

Getting crazy with Amazon keeping 20% of fees on returns, returnless refunds in the EU, this, what’s next. As someone said seems like they want everyone to do FBA or be brand relationships only.


Well on the one where the customer claimed missed estimated delivery when it didn’t I did actually get that return cost back from a safe t claim.

Took two attempts as seller support who read the claim complete misunderstood but in the grand scheme of things two messages to seller support has to be considered a good response.

Other customer is yet to return theirs.

My main issue is identifying those who return the item, get a refund but it gets lost in the post and actually keeping track of them to chase them with the courier. I’m testing a tool called 17TRACK unless anyone has any other suggestions?


Have we missed something here? Is this a new policy, Amazon keeping 20% of fees on returns? if so you you point in the direction of when this was announced, please?


When you create a full refund for a non-BMVD product, Amazon retains 20% of the original order-related fees, up to a maximum of £5, for each line item in the refund. This amount is held back as a refund administrative fee.


Thank you Blank name. Starting to wonder why we bother - it really is getting bad here. Why should Amazon get an administration fee when we can’t even do a straight forward return anymore.

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