Reach Testing for Jewellery Sellers


Did you Self Certify or get the manufacturer to provide the documentation?


I feel the same. One day I’m getting emails/ phone calls to expand globally. The next requests for documentation at the drop of a hat. It’s so tiring!


I self-certified and did a separate one for each ASIN when Amazon were doing this last year.


I’m getting the manufacturer to provide declaration (assuming Amazon will accept). It has to state certain appendixes and I’ve gone for images rather than ASINs to be on the document. The manufacture signs and stamps it. Not finished getting all back from them yet and only time will tell if accepted. Ironically they’re one of the largest jewellery manufacturers on the world and still it’s like walking through mud with all this unnecessary red tape and distrust from Amazon. I’ve sold some of these items for 13 years!!!


What a nightmare! Thanks for replying, I’II ask the manufacturer to add images. I’II update on here.


I think the writing is well and truly on the wall - Amazon are cleaning house.

You can either take the hint and go peacefully, or hang around and deal with endless policy changes, each more frustrating and unfair than the last. Independent sellers have served their purpose and now Amazon want rid of them.

But it seems they’ve decided they can’t just come out and tell independent sellers to sling their hook. I suppose it would cause a PR stink (no more sickeningly twee bullsh*t TV adverts showing ‘plucky entrepreneur’ Bob with his small team of hopefuls selling home made toast racks with the ‘help’ of Amazon from his wood paneled, trendy looking garage space)

I’d imagine it may also draw unwanted heat in regards to accusations of yet more unfair trading practices (and imagine if that particular can of worms ever got properly examined!),.

So instead they’re opting for death by a thousand cuts, grinding small sellers down until they either cannot be bothered, cannot cope or cannot make a profit anymore and decide to walk away.

Would the last independent seller to leave please remember to turn off the lights…


Ha ha!! Brilliantly told! And yes I do not think you could not be any more right.


Hello Makers,

We kindly suggest you to review this Help Page to find out more information about EU REACH compliance.

Please feel free to send us a PM if you have further questions.

Best regards,


If you import from china and had them do a REACH declaration signed and dated telling you all their products are save and meet the REACH laws, but then it just got declined because you have to have further information like Asin’s on it, would you think it is ok to create a REACH declaration document signed by yourself knowing believing what they have said is true as you are basically just using their REACH confirmation declaration and going off the back of that? Do you think this would be ok so if someone went wrong it does show that you did go to your manufacturer to get declaration so you have not try to go against the laws, you just confirming basically what they have already said, but this declaration is in your name and you sign it instead of them. Would this be ok?


The REACH requests state “from the manufacturer” so I probably wouldn’t risk it. I’ve had similar with my Thailand supplier and told them to add all images of my product to the conformity (I get them to do about 50 units at a time then when I upload for each ASIN I tell amazon “please refer to page 5” for example).

Perhaps if you put all the images on an excel spreadsheet for your supplier - then surely they can copy and paste it to the conformity declaration so it saves them time?


Thanks Katy, you’ve been so helpful. I’ve managed to get AMAZON to accept a few REACH documents. The manufacturer added colour images to the document, and AMAZON have accepted three so far.


AMAZON have accepted the REACH document from the manufacturer, once it included colour photographs of the product. My advice is, make sure AMAZON accept one of the documents before adding the document for multiple ASINs. If AMAZON don’t initially accept the document, they then raise an IS. Within that IS they request another document via Product Compliance Requests. Unfortunately the ‘Provide Documents’ tab has disappeared, so it’s not possible to do what AMAZON are requesting. I had to provide screenshots, proving I couldn’t do what they were requesting, and then they accepted the REACH document via the IS. It’s just more hassle, so better to try one ASIN/ Product to begin with.


Thats fantastic. Such a relief when they’re accepted :blush:


Yes but then if I’m the importer bringing stuff in to the UK from China and these are generic items and I then use my own EAN barcodes to list the products on Amazon as they are new listings/new product pages, would that not make me the manufacturer of that item as some items I may buy in bulk and have repacked into smaller quantities which is then changing the product final product in away.

Plus if you was importing or buying raw materials that are REACH approved then making it into another product by combining components, that would mean you are the manufacture as you are making an article so then you have to realistically do your own Certification and REACH declaration using with the believe that all materials are REACH compilant as that is what you have been given from your supplier of them raw materials. Obviously I’m not combining products together, I’m just altering the pack sizes, but still, not sure where to go from here as my supplier was iffy with having to just do a REACH declaration in the first place.


Was the REACH document from your manufacturer a general statement to which you then added a particular product picture for each case, or was it a specific document / REACH statement tailored for each individual product? Many thanks.


It was a general statement saying all their products are compliant with REACH, they keep the Lead, Cadium, Nickel within the EU laws for all their products.


I had the manufacturer do one document for 13 products. The manufacturer included a colour photo of each product and the manufacturer’s product code.


Did they accept the self-cert with product pictures etc? Thanks


Does anyone know if REACH documentation submitted on the UK Amazon site automatically gets sent to all the EU marketplaces?
I am submitting documentation via UK but can see identical ASIN’s in Germany, Italy, etc, requiring documentation also.
This is going to be a massive amount of work if we have to submit the same docs in each country.
I have 1400+ products. If the documentation is not shared across the EU marketplaces I’m going to spend more time on paperwork that listing new products!!


Hi, sorry to sound thick but what is an IS? I am battling with loads of my ASIN’s under this REACH thing. They don’t accept my appeals. Unsure if this IS is of use to me?. Thanks