Reach Testing for Jewellery Sellers


Was the item they removed similar (metal wise) to the three they contacted you about?

Amazon have started removing some of mine, but the ones removed so far were ones they requested documentation/certification for.


Yes it is copper the same as the previously flagged items.

In one of their mails they said that my sterling silver items will not be flagged, though someone has pointed out that this doesn’t really make sense as sterling is not a pure metal and contains other metals in it.

Have they removed items of yours that are performing well?


Their team just do not communicate with each other! For a week I had an operative email daily telling me my docs didn’t comply and to forward relevants docs…I’d sent them all that I had. I ended up opening a case via Seller support to get them to find out why they weren’t being accepted as the REACH team wouldn’t tell me - another operative then emailed that one of my docs (self-certification) had a typo which I resolved. Luckily the next day my ASINs were accepted…or so I thought.

Fast forward 2 weeks to last week and I had an email under the support case number asking why I’d not submitted any documentation as requested. This support case had been closed 3 weeks ago! I’ve now had to respond 3 times advising this case had been closed and that I’ve had acceptance under case no: xxx.

What do I get today? An email starting ‘this case is now resolved’ and then goes on to state I’d never replied to emails they sent 10/8 and 27/8 and asking for docs again - I’ve responded each and every time they’ve emailed me!

I still have not taken my shop off holiday-mode as I still don’t trust them to shut ASINs down even though they’ve been accepted on 11/8.

My motto - don’t hold your breath - you may die before this all gets sorted…


Well everyday I get at least two items removed, there will be nothing left for sale at this rate.
Why has this new rule come about? Some of my items have been on sale for a few years with no problems before.
I only sell fashion jewellery and can’t get the documents so I am stuck and will either close my store soon or think of something else to sell. With how Amazon are, I feel like just like shutting down for good, there have been too many issues over the years with one problem or another, sellers changing images, sellers claiming my items are theirs, the list goes on, don’t know why I bother really


I’ve already started making and selling something else :smiley: ha ha



I am french seller, only have blocked some asins… there are again many sellers jewelrys on amazon europe, nothing have change, nothing are blocked … and I have supressed more 400 asins to not have my account blocked … horrible situation …
bad communication amazon always …


Has anyone noticed the new choice for return reason it must be added to the dropdown box
“Missing promised certification”
Most customers wouldn’t even know what that statement means.
We had over 250 asins flagged and we supplied our manufacturers reach conformity certificates ( which where accepted ) but this return reason could pause a serious problem.


Oh, what an odd return reason. If the listing doesn’t promise a certification how can that be a return reason? Are Amazon saying they want all metals sent out with a certificate?

This should not pose a problem though, usually people buy something because they actually want or need it. So even if that were not a listed return reason the buyer can easily make up any other reason to return something they don’t want. Either they want it or they don’t, what they can use as an excuse for returning an item is irrelevant because of course the law allows returns for any reason at all.

This should not cause a higher return rate.


Is this just related to returns for handmade or for all items brought on Amazon?

Some products would come with certification to prove authenticity that they are original manufacturer’s product for such things as designer clothes/bags or computers etc. So it’s not unsuitable for certain products to have that as a potential issue with regards returns.


Hi, I have read all the threads here.

One quick question: does this apply to non-handmade (e.g. already manufactured) jewelry as well?

Thanks for your help!


Hello, I know it’s been a while since this topic was brought up, but I got two emails today from Amazon asking for REACH documentation. As everyone, I am handmade, how did you go about submitting your declarations? Are there any examples. Any help would be much appreciated as I think this is the start of an avalanche.


Me too. For 304 ASINs. Been here 12+ years and now this massive headache. Previously they wanted just for stainless steel jewellery but now for silver too. Along with the restock limits I think Amazon really want to push sellers away. I’ve seriously had enough now.

Oh and my items are NOT handmade so they’re targeting jewellery in general I think.


Based on this happening a year ago I think Amazon flagged around 120 of my listings and then actually removed 50% of them (which happened to be the slower sellers of the 120 listings). Then a few days ago I also got another documents requests this time for another 150ish items (a third of my pendant inventory) - so I expect the same will happen, half will be removed.

I am not in handmade section, but this is were the threads were started.

Also Amazon did not accept my documents showing jewellery was safe of nickel etc. I think some people were lucky but most would need to show a reach certification for each individual product to be safe from removal.

When I started Amazon 10 years ago I typed in “pendant” and got 3.5 million results - now I get 60,000 results - so seems selling necklaces/pendant on Amazon is coming to an end.


Sofa’s and Chairs where some peoples unclothed rear ends might sit :laughing::laughing: The pen my hand holds? My Fitbit on my wrist? I mean where does it end!

Just when you thought it was safe to come out.

As UK is no longer part of the EU, so for those just selling them in UK to UK what is the issue? Or am I missing something {{possible}} :laughing:


Also the emails come over a period of a few weeks last time - but if you go to the “Product Compliance Requests” in Account Health in your Amazon control panel it will possibly show the full list of items they want info for.


We’ve got a few hundred, all fancy dress jewellery. Vampire rings etc.


Oh joy! More fun to look forward to from the sounds of it… I had this fun last summer. I haven’t received any recent emails, but if they’re doing the rounds again, I’ll likely get hit with them again.


Well I only have one - its for a stainless steel “split ring” used to hold a pin when sailing. its similar to a small key ring. It costs £1.40 for a pack of 2 - and I wont be getting it REACH tested (whatever that is)!! I cant think what else it could be called to avoid the word “ring” - a stainless split circle maybe?

I sell it in 3 sizes - only one has been flagged - so far.

Ludicrous - I’ve deleted it.


Last time I sent documents from my silver and copper bullion supplier who confirmed all their metals are REACH tested and I said to Amazon this is where I get my raw handmade materials from so obviously everything I handmake is REACH tested. It was just a letter from them.

First of all they refused it and I decided there was nothing else I could do any better than that so just left it at that, figuring I’d not be selling here anymore and then they suddenly decided a few weeks later that it was fine and released my products.

Not looking forward to a repeat performance and will simply let my shop here die if they ask again for something beyond what they’ve already been given.

I had a similar debacle early this year over them insisting on receiving my Ltd company registration confirmation documents, and no amount of telling them I’m a sole trader that does not have such a thing would work. I gave up and then randomly revisited it 5 months after giving up, I sent them another support request on the off chance they may actually listen this time … and they did finally listen and just recently reopened my shop.

This place really is a joke to be honest, not sure why I even got back to them again regarding being a sole trader. It’s just one unreasonable request after another, it’s like they don’t want small businesses on here to be honest as many of their demands cannot be met by a small trader/sole trader.


Has anyone got round the issue of Amazon insisting that the ASIN numbers be on the REACH Conformity document? Amazon are not accepting my manufacturers’ REACH document due to the ASINs not being on it. Should I self certify instead?