Reach Testing for Jewellery Sellers


Yes, exactly same as me


I completely agree, this really is poor handling overall.


After further examining the ASIN’s I’ve been asked to supply documentation for, NONE of them are from the ‘Handmade’ marketplace which most of the sellers here are commenting on (although I also sell on there too).
None of the emails are from Amazon UK - they are DE, FR, IT and ES, and each request is for difference ASIN’s - which is weird as my inventory crosses all 5 marketplaces anyway and should therefore include the UK?
Also, they have asked me to provide documentation for ASIN’s that no longer exist in my inventory (end of stock lines and therefore ASIN has been deleted AGES ago) -
DE - 9 requests only 5 are current
FR - 6 and only 4 are current
IT - 9 and only 3 are current
ES - 9 and only 4 are current
How have they managed to pick up on these deleted ASIN’s?
I haven’t answered any emails yet as I’m waiting on suppliers for documentation.


That’s me out - although I can provide the chemical composition of my aluminium - which contains none of the 3 chemical in this annexe - they still require me to get REACH certification for each asin from my supplier and I cannot add a separate ASIN list. No supplier is going to go to provide 100s of sellers with individual certificates with those ASINs included.

"…please ask the importer or producer for suitable documents.

If you are the importer of the the product you may issue a Declaration of REACH conformity yourself. The document should be

in a non-editable format like PDF and signed with a legible signature.

Please note that the list of ASINs should be in the document issued by EU-based importer or manufacturer or laboratory, list cannot be accepted if provided separately. If it’s possible please ask for document referring to specific entries in REACH – Annex XVII namely n. 23, 27 and 63."

I’ve already self-certificated for the ASINs questioned so I’m assuming that’s not enough.

I wonder if the bosses at Handmade know how much revenue they are going to lose asking for these individual certificates? And I’d love to know if all the marketplace sellers have individual certification for all the stuff they import from alibaba and wish to sell on there?


For them to not take our own declarations containing the ASINS for products WE have manufactured, using materials that have their own declarations (that we can also provide alongside our own declaration to prove that the materials are compliant) is entirely unreasonable in my opinion.

This is them saying they do not trust our written and signed word as manufacturers that we are using said compliant metals that have already been tested.

Amazon insisting that all final end products have been tested themselves and that component parts being tested is not enough … will result in a hefty chunk of their marketplace disappearing, and their profits along with it.

I personally do not think they will go this route, once they realise what it means for their business, they will find another way as they will lose too many products from the marketplace.


Amazon is being so strict with this, I am wondering whether it is going to be a one off thing whereby they come down hard on the listing we have been notified about and no more, they completely leave the rest of our listings alone.

The reasoning being they use this cull to give relevant data to relevant authorities and then they hope to be left alone after that. This happened with me selling Iron Crosses a few years ago, they were all discontinued for me due to complaints I presume during ww1 commemorations, but after that cull which did not affect everyone the Iron Crosses continue to be sold till today - it was just a one off cull to please the complainants.


I think you may be correct - they’ve not sent me emails regarding the other 30+ items I have made from 100% aluminium and I know of other alu jewellery sellers who use the same supplier as me that haven’t had any emails at all!


I also wonder whether they are going to leave other listings alone, because they have only flagged three of mine and yet I have at least 10 other copper items that they should also have flagged but for some reason have not yet.

The whole thing is a bumbling inconsistent mess and it does yes make me wonder if they’re just displaying some sort of show of lip service to compliancy rather than taking it actually seriously.


They’ve only hit my stainless steel necklaces and not my other stainless steel jewellery items. So it’s very hit and miss what and who they are targetting.

The one ASIN I have responded to so far, I just got an answer back saying it’s been approved. I provided a REACH declaration from myself, and also noted it was a handmade item and that the suppliers of the parts that I use to make the product had either provided a REACH declaration or testing documentation to myself. I didn’t include my suppliers documentation but would have provided it if asked (which I wasn’t).

Whether it stays approved, who knows? They do not seem to be consistent with what they are approving and not approving as well.


Do you have any update from Amazon? Have you had any luck?


I have got amazon replied back and the ASIN has been approved.
Here is the following message:

Please be informed that after the documents review Product Safety has approved your ASINs.

Please allow one business day for the ASINs to become live on the website.

For all other inquiries, please get in touch with Seller Support/Vendor Support assistance.

We appreciate your cooperation."


Can you share what you provided?


can you share your template document?


I am finding this process extremely frustrating.
Amazon seem to move the goal posts half way through.

I buy jewellery from large well known UK and US manufacturers. Both manufacturers already had REACH documentation and I supplied this to Amazon. This documentation clearly stated it covered ALL products they manufacture.
Amazon replied stating that each individual ASIN had to be printed on the documentation or added as an attachment - but that the original document had to say there was an attachment.

I pointed out that ASIN’s are Amazon related and each manufacturer has their own ean barcodes and SKU’s, ASIN’s mean nothing to them. I and the manufacturers are all complying with UK and EU law regarding heavy metal content in the jewellery.
Basically, the reply I received was “give us what we ask for - or jog on…”


We got all the certs from our suppliers, not an easy task in itself and quite time consuming. Sent them all in as Amazon requested. Now we keep getting emails from them saying we haven’t submitted teh data requested so the listings will be deleted etc.

Replied advising all info sent in to correct email address, no luck. One big complete waste of time. Again.


Exactly what I got in response also, they want the ASINS in the original documents, which I cannot supply . So I guess I’ll be focusing on selling elsewhere and my copper items will not be sold here any more once they reach their deadline.


That is what is happening to me as well. They require the ASIN in the original document. This effectively means every single jewellery item would need to be REACH tested by myself and documentation provided by my suppliers is apparently not enough.


thats all I am getting is reputed copy and paste of the same thing from seller support.


the exact same here for me, I only purchase direct from large UK manufacturer who gave a letter of conformity that ALL their products were compliant and had bene “sample tested” Amazon dont seem to realise the world does not revolve round THEIR ASIN’s which is a unique to amazon and meaningless to a manufacturer.


Same here - repetitive email stating all doucumentation must include their unique ASINs even though I have 3 times now told them that aluminium does not need to be REACH tested as it is not on the current SVHC list as per my manufacturer’s letter and a link to the EU REACH site that I very boringly read through last week to confirm aluminium is not detailed as needing REACH compliance.

As they clearly stated that my case is now closed - which I assume means they will delist said ASINs on 10th Aug - I shall now choose to ignore it all. They cannot honestly believe that manufacturer’s will detail their unqiue ASINs in unique document for the sellers who have purchased their items after them passing through several suppliers in the chain…