Reach Testing for Jewellery Sellers


Nothing happening for me - sent some information about my products to get them “verified” which was details of metal content from my supplier and Amazon wrote back 2 days later (Wednesday) saying "Please, be informed that we are currently experiencing high volume of applications. As a result, the process of verification of your case may take up to 5 business days."

Also was given a July 10th deadline to give this information (which I only did for 60 listings, not the 110 they wrote me about) and all the listings are still active.


I had the same deadline and also received the same reply as you 2 days later.


My update is that all my products are still live, not removed, despite me being unable to REACH test each and every handmade item and then send them the certificate for it.

Maybe they haven’t gotten around to deleting all of the non compliant products yet.

I expect that many sellers handmade or otherwise are unable to provide these certificates and now Amazon are sitting wondering whether they want to lose a massive percentage of their store front which would be highly detrimental to them, and how to stay within the law without losing so many products.


2 new emails dropped tonght - the same 16 ASINs and asking the for the same info. WTF? A human response to my first email would be polite! So they will just get my last email forwarded to them tomorrow with a note that nothing has changed since my last email - those 16 are still aluminium and under that EU Reach Annexe have no relevance to be tested.

I’m seriously considering just going into holiday mode until this is all resolved - I don’t want to earn them any more commission why they are dicking around.


Just had emails for my bunch of 100 or so products due to be suspended on July 10th:

Further to our Jewelry products screening program communication from last week of June 2020 (Subject: Important information about Jewelry products), we are contacting you again to inform you on the extension of timelines from July, 10th to August, 14th 2020 to submit safety documentation as per EU REACH regulation:


Yes, received the same too


Hi everyone,

I am in this one too.

I have 4 family ASINs of products. As requested I have provided declaration of reach conformity for all 4 family ASISns. 3 of them were approved, however one family asin for unknown reason was not approved. And I do not understand why as the email I sent and it’s content was the same like in the other three messages.

I am the manufacturer of my products (GTIN numbers are registered on my company).

The issue is that the 4 messages were sent in about the same time of the day and in the reply there was no mention of ASINs so I am not even sure to which product I have got a refusal.

Is there any way to communicate more clearly with the amazon product compliance department ( eu-chemical-safety department)? I have sent an email to, but the responses overall seem to be really slow and automated. It would be the best to contact with one person who would explain the issue more clearly. I would need to know which item was not accepted and what was the reason it wasn’t accepted and other were. What should I do know? Open the case in the cases system?


@ICEstripe can you give us a template of what you sent?


I have provided them with a template they gave in this site we have all received to our emails and have filled it with my data:

* Company name
* Seller/Vendor ID
* Email address
* Phone number
* The EU marketplaces where you want to continue listing your ASINs
* A list of ASINs you are applying to sell

And also provided a declaration of reach conformity (I am able to do so as a manufacturer of the products I sell) which declared to be compliant with all required regulations (you can find similar declarations in google and how they suppose to look like, just google reach declaration etc). Still do not understand why it was not approved for one the family of ASINs.


How do you know 3 were approved and 1 wasn’t if you don’t know which ASIN’s got refused?


Amazon has requested to send new email for all family ASINs you are selling to speed up the process.

I have 4 family ASINS (each include 8-24 products with different sizes/colors) so I have sent 4 emails in almost the same time of the day. I have got a reponse to each email with a different case number, 3 family ASINS were approved and one wasn’t. However the reponse email did not include ASINs I have provided so I do not know to which ASINs the negative response email refers to. I guess they did response chronologically, but that’s my guess. Also I do not understand why 3 of them were approved and one wasn’t as all the information I have filled was the same. The approved ones included the confirmation that the product I am selling does not raise any product safety concerns and it’s live on the site. The non approves email included this:


Amazon’s listing policies require all Chemical Jewelry products must be third party tested and be compliant to Amazon marketplace.

In order to sell Chemical Jewelry on Amazon, you must first submit the following:

1. Declaration of REACH conformity (Certified by manufacturer or issued to the manufacturer by third party testing organization)
• Must address any Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) contained in the product
• REACH – Annex XVII n. 23, 27 and 63
• ASIN numbers that the document relates to
2. REACH heavy metals test reports (showing compliance with REACH’s heavy metals thresholds for all components of your product)
• with ASIN numbers that the document relates to.

Please refer to our help page for more details:

By applying to sell these products you certify that all materials you submit in conjunction with your application are true, authentic and accurate.

Failing to provide the documents listed above will cause lack of a reinstatement.

We appreciate your cooperation.

My best guess would be they somehow want test results for it. But the question is why, when according to legislation Declaration of Reach conformity should be enough?


So being handmade, we as a the ‘manufacturer’ can create our own documents using a document we found online? I didn’t think that they would allow that because the final product has not actually been REACH tested and so it’s surely fraudulent to claim a finished item has bee REACH tested when it has not been.

I’m going to look at the documents available and see how they are worded, perhaps it can state that the components used are REACH tested, meaning the final product is compliant.


If you are a manufacturer you can declare that based on the testing you have done personally (doesn’t need to be REACH testing, but it has to make you sure there’s no heavy metals). It’s not fraudalent but if your product gets tested by EU or Amazon themselves you might have a problem if the test results show bad results - so it’s your risk and the potential risk is very high in some countries.


Amazon has to improve the communication with product safety team as right now it’s an abosolute joke.

I have received a confirmation that certain ASINs are ok, but today received the amazon automated message in italian about the reach problem with those ASINs. That is despite pointing out about the markets I want to sell the product in and mentioning all european markets in the message I have sent to Amazon.

Right now I have no idea if it’s ok like they say or the listings will be cancelled after 14th August.


Had an email yesterday confirming my items were compliant.

And another has just dropped from a different person saying they are not! However, he mentions marketplace - I thought that was main amazon…I only sell on handmade.

And at the bottom the vendor ID doesn’t match mine and it says that 20 ASINs were not approved - they only sent me 16???

Totally confused!


Not having any luck - gave Amazon details from supplier that items are lead/nickel free, also a certificate of conformity from the person (william rowland ltd) who supplies the raw pewter and nothing is acceptable. Specifically made sure to reply to rejection email with that “certificate of conformity” again, but still rejected again.

Only way to sell would be to get each individual item tested at my expense which is not worth it given Amazon is poor for pendant sales with me.

So will have to stick with keyring and badges and leave pendants for etsy and ebay.


I had a chaser email from them today saying that they still need the documentation.

I’m waiting for my copper supplier to confirm that their copper is compliant to standards and has been tested, and then if I get that I’ll write my own manufacturers statement of being compliant for my specific asins as my own ‘manufactured products’ are then created by metals that I have been given proof are compliant.

If I don’t get that statement from my supplier, I simply will not sell copper items on Amazon any more. As others have said also, I do make better sales elsewhere and the loss of these sales on Amazon, will not be a massive loss for me.

The fact that Amazon are chasing people up, makes me feel that the cumulative loss of item sales of the many sellers who who cannot supply documents, will be quite a notable overall loss for Amazon.

They have stated that sterling silver items do not need any sort of document supplied, not sure why. Hopefully I can keep selling those but for some reason my silver items barely sell on Amazon and so not much profit rolling in from those either, it’s mainly my copper items that people tend to want to buy.


Oddly, I’ve had no response at all. No follow up emails and no chaser emails. Don’t know what’s going on.


I’ve had ANOTHER email today saying that I am to ignore my approval email as it was “sent in error due to a technical error”. Cannot believe the incompetency in the way they have and are handling this issue. Reach has been about for years - if they wanted certification it really should have been asked for on initial approval for selling like they do on marketplace. Then most of us costume jewellery makers wouldn’t have built up a shop on here for 4 years, paid them load of commission fees to then be told to that they were no longer good enough. Poor handling. Fact.


I still haven’t even had a response to the one ASIN I have currently responded to (still waiting on suppliers (some are doing parts testing) before responding to the other ASINs). I got the, they’re super busy so will take up to 5 business days to respond to the submitted ASIN documentation (I’m on 8 business days and counting…) and the generic deadline extension, but nothing else so far.