Reach Testing for Jewellery Sellers


Oh I just presumed they had! The fact that one of them sold today made me think it was back in stock.

In which case I guess I still know nothing, lol


I’m still debating what to do about this. You say you have submitted something to Amazon… may I ask what you did? I understand from the email that we have to include our details ie, Seller ID etc. etc, But regarding the “REACH certification” did you scan in a certificate, and if so did you do 1 for each ASIN, or did you just do a REACH Declaration for however many ASINS… (for me it’s 4) or a simple declaration for each one? Would really appreciate a reply on this as I feel a bit lost about it. Thanks


I had 16 so there was no way I was sending 16 different emails - esp as 13/16 are 100% aluminium so no dangerous chemicals there! I sent one email with a copy of the chemical composition of alu from my supplier and then self-certfied the other 3 as my suppliers either won’t or can’t provide certification for my findings but I’ve been given “reassurance” that they all comply. Think someone on this thread gave an example - you can google it.

TBH it wasn’t worth it - I’ve had a bog standard email from the EU Reach address - it’s not even a new one tailored to answer the Rach emails they sent out!! It starts ‘thank you for your interest in selling on amazon’ - I’ve been on Handmade from the beginning!

I really don’t hold out much hope. What I don’t understand is that I have another 30+ listings using the same components not identified. I’m going to copy the 16 listings today so if they take them down I can relist them if I feel like it. I’ve only a couple of items that sell regularly on there and none of the 16 are those at risk of being removed.

I don’t believe there is a single seller of costume jewellery (i’m not talking silver & goldsmiths here before others start on me) that uses a myriad of components that has certificates for all their individual components, ready to send to Amazon. We all use reputable suppliers who we believe conform to all the correct rules.


Anyone passed the deadline given in the email without submitting a self declaration or REACH certificate?

Was wondering if it adversely effects your account if you do nothing but delete the listings as you no longer sell the product or in our case been picked up incorrectly for a non jewellery item (which we haven’t sold in over a year).



Hiya, thanks for taking the time to reply… appreciated. Having read what you say I think I am just going to send an email with the requested info covering all four item asins, with the Seller ID etc etc and will make a basic self declaration within it to say they comply with EU Reach legislation re Lead, Nickel and Cadmium. Going to call it a day at that and see what comes back. I think it’s probably important respond with something and at least show willing.
Like you I buy from British sellers, what I am going to do though, in future, is only buy from British sellers/manufacturers that have a publicised Reach statement. (few and far between I know) but there are some
I was thrown into a blind panic on this email at first. But now, not so much. I can always sell on the “bay” which I already do. But, the more I look at it and think about it I can’t help but feel this seems like an act of showing sellers on Amazon comply…in other words a “random nod” to the relevant rules… Who knows? Thing is the rules are incredibly important, the legislation is there for a reason and I and all responsible sellers understand that. Anyway sure we’ll soon find out soon. Anyway, thanks again and I’ll post about the reply I receive.


My deadline is 10th July, so not yet. Haven’t sent anything yet but probably will do today.


Do you know if you can submit one declaration for two ASIN’s ? that are part of the same Parent/Child group.

The guide states:
“To speed up the process, submit one application per family ASIN/variation/model number.”



I would suggest doing one per Parent ASIN or Individual ASIN if not grouped. We tried to speed things up by simply providing a full list of ASINs that DID NOT require REACH documentation as they weren’t jewellery - in the Case I supplied the Subject Line of the Email, the starting text of the email we received AND a link to the page with the REACH Documentation guidelines.

Seller Support believed I was trying to group all these ASINs under a Parent ASIN. I give up.


Did you send the info to seller support? I was under the impression it had to be emailed to the address in the statement below

" if you want to sell or continue selling these products on Amazon, submit the following information to"


That’s only if you have the documentation - according to the Support Page if you believe an item shouldn’t be subject to a Document Check - we need to contact Selling Partner Support (SPS) which I can only assume is Seller Support


If you relist them they’ll just get flagged again surely because your titles and descriptions are still going to indicate them as metals.

The only chance here is to obtain REACH statements from our suppliers for any components used. I’ve contacted mine and heard nothing back, despite them being a massive company. Thankfully for me, I’ve already been using a big company and also only using one company for my supplies.


So are you saying Cookson Gold that you don’t have any REACH documentation?

So all of the jewellery sellers, who use you as a supplier (including me, you supply nearly every component and all my bullion for me), will be unable to provide Amazon with documentation because you don’t have any documentation from REACH testing? You don’t carry out REACH testing?

It’s possible that the failure to provide Amazon with REACH documents may then lead to closure of their Amazon shops. Logically this would then impact your business also because their trading will suffer, and they will then purchase less from yourself as a supplier.


I never suggested that Taylor_Two - REACH documentation is of course adhered to.

Amazon have currently asked us to provide REACH documentation for products that do not require it and the affected ASINs we do require it for relate to branded products.

If you wish to discuss REACH documentation from Cooksongold as a supplier (it’s not something my department can advise upon)- I would suggest you contact them directly, I don’t think an Amazon forum thread is the appropriate avenue for this.


I have yes already contacted Cookson Gold 5 days ago asking if they have REACH documentation I can use. I haven’t heard back yet.

What makes the forum thread an inappropriate place to discuss Cookson Gold’s REACH documentation? I’ve written to them directly and am awaiting their response and see no reason why this is a private matter when they are a supplier to many many businesses affected by this.

For some reason Seller342 has changed their forum name - previously it was CG_xxxx something or other with the Cookson Gold logo, which is why I addressed them as Cookson Gold.


So in response to my email to Amazon’s chemicals department, confirming I am self declaring conformity, as they suggested we could, I have received the following;

In order to sell Chemical Jewelry on Amazon, you must first submit the following:

  1. Declaration of REACH conformity (Certified by manufacturer or issued to the manufacturer by third party testing organization)
    • Must address any Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) contained in the product
    • REACH – Annex XVII n. 23, 27 and 63
    • ASIN numbers, that the document relates to


  1. REACH heavy metals test reports (showing compliance with REACH’s heavy metals thresholds for all components of your product)
    • with ASIN numbers, that the document relates to.

In response I have said first of all - “What is chemical jewellery” … just in case there is some sort of difference between this and standard jewellery.

And I have also said to them - “So you’re saying only the certificates will do, we are not allowed to self declare?”

I’m not convinced that any point a human will respond to me.

What is strange is that it is still only 3 of my jewellery products that have been flagged, when really surely they should all be flagged, indeed every single piece of metal on Amazon in theory, should be flagged.

Selling a dress with a metal zipper? Surely this should be flagged?
Selling mobile phones? That’s metal next to the skin, surely they should all be flagged?
Selling pens? Again, metal next to the skin. Are these flagged too Amazon?

The amount of products that need flagging, that I suspect people will not be able to provide certificates for, I’m certain amounts to a substantial loss of products on Amazon.


Hello again, the one time I contacted them I got what I think is a bog standard computer reply. I’ve reached the conclusion that I could spend hours trying to get them to accept Reach statements from the fastenings supplier I use and quite frankly I think they will reject them. So, I have now removed the “potentially offending” ASINS from the warehouse as they request. (I know they are fine but can’t see how I can prove it).
So, I’m calling it quits at that. All stock is marked as zero and once they are marked as shipped I will delete the listings. It could be that they will come after more… or close me down… who knows, but I can’t spend more time fretting - it’s done my head in…
What I have done is look at the 4 asins to see what the commonality is to try and understand why they were flagged in the first instance.
My gut feeling, considering the random approach across all sellers is that they have made a selection based on a couple of keywords… hence why it could apply to anything. I think/feel this is them paying “lip service” to the directive to prove they have done something… but I could of course be wrong.
So, I’ll just have to wait and see. I will be upset if I can’t sell on this forum but ultimately it’s not performing for me as that other big site (the bay) anyway. I am now actively producing my own website and social media accounts to try and expand that way if it falls foul here.
The main thing though, is this is just the bombshell for this week, there will be other bombshells to come and I can’t handle the stress of it… particularly when I know for a fact I am a straight, honest, hardworking person who wouldn’t dream of compromising any safety standards.
BTW. I noticed some angry words about the big British supplier on here yesterday? I have to say I’ve found them incredibly helpful, spoke to them yesterday and they were courteous, super helpful and do have the statements on their site. I was also sent them. Have been using a couple of suppliers but will stick to these guys in future.


That sounds horribly like they want every single item we sell to be individually tested, so sell 700 items get 700 different test reports done, more if the item has other components.


So they’re asking for a declaration of REACH conformity or test reports, but you’ve already provided them with a declaration, so what are they actually wanting? Did you think you might have missed stating something in your declaration that they want to hear?

I’m still waiting on declarations/test reports from some of my suppliers. So what I’ve had back so far, only fully covers one ASIN that Amazon have requested information for, and the parts for that item are covered by a declaration from one company and a test report from a different company.


Can you tell me where the REACH statements are on said sellers website? I emailed them six days ago asking for assistance with obtaining the statements but have not heard back and cannot find anything by searching their website - though they may have added something new and so I’ll go and do another rummage now.


I provided them with my own self declaration, with isn’t enough it seems. They suggest they want actual test reports and certificates shown to them.

I’m trying to get those from my bullion supplier but not heard back yet.