Reach Testing for Jewellery Sellers


No I had no proof from suppliers as the items contain no metals whatsoever. It may all come back to bite me though as the “type of metal” field is mandatory and there is no option for does not contain metal. You could not make this up


Self-declaration means you personally are stating that the components meet the REACH requirements. You really need to do due diligence by checking with your suppliers and asking them to provide a self-certification to you or appropriate testing certificates to you so that you have proof if anyone ever requests it.


Dear Purple, thanks for clarifying that ! I will see if I have any joy, I am not holding out much hope as I never just use 1 supplier and many of them are overseas so it’s not looking likely at the moment. Selena


Is there a place i can get this form from? thanks


Hi Mike, do you know where we can get a self certify form from. Ive looked but cant seem to find anything. Regards Lynn


An example is shown earlier in this thread from SylviaG on 9th September


thanks but i cant edit it, think ill have to make my own, like Mike said :slight_smile:


Yes that’s what I did, I just retyped it


Thank you, ive started getting my proof from suppliers so its all good :slight_smile:


I also used a copy of that self certify form and everything got approved but yesterday 4 of my previously approved ASINS were suddenly removed. Seller support told me I now need to submit the following:
a. Statement responding to the issue / safety incident, explaining potential root cause and corrective actions that are going to be taken according to the description shown in CSI:
b. Declaration of Conformity, if applicable.
c. Test reports to back the statement in the Declaration of Conformity.
d. Pictures of the product and packaging showing mandatory marking.
e. Instruction of use.

I am so tired of constantly going back and forth with this, any one have any idea what they mean by d. ?




Just ignore that, that’s a stcok response from a seller support agent who doesn’t know / understand the issue and who just wants your case checked off their long list.

In cases where you get no notifcation, just email advising you of removal, follow the process below - nothings certain in Amazon, but it should work.

Once you have the REACH declaration for the product, here’s what I’ve found works best. Open a Seller Support ticket, selecting ‘My issue is not listed’ > ‘Product/listing related’ > ‘I do not have an identifier’. Select the email response but DO NOT tick the ‘ This issue is urgent and requires immediate attention’, leave it unchecked.

For each SS case you open you can add up to 4 x ASIN’s that you have REACH docs for, as you are only able to upload 4 x attachments per case. Here is the wording for seller support I use, because they then understand the issue better and who has to deal with it:


We have received notice from Amazon Product Assurance Team that we are required to provide REACH declaration documents for the following of our product ASIN’s:


These ASIN’s have been temporarily removed from Amazon UK, we been instructed open a query with seller support and provide REACH declarations for each affected ASIN.

Amazon email states the following:

"Submit documents
Declaration of REACH Conformity OR REACH heavy metals test reports
We require you to submit one of the following documents:

  • Declaration of REACH conformity drawn up by the manufacturer. The declaration should also address any Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) contained in the product.The declaration of REACH conformity can either be self-certified by the manufacturer or can be issued to the manufacturer by a third-party testing organisation.
  • REACH heavy metals testing report that show compliance with REACH’s heavy metals thresholds for all components of your product (see further details in the help page)

If you submit the Declaration of REACH Conformity, it should comply with the following requirements:

  • Must address any Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) contained in the product
  • Refer Annex XVII n. 23, 27 and 63
  • Identify the product of the declaration (identification of jewelry product allowing traceability; it may be ASIN, FNSKUs, MSKUs or color image of sufficient clarity where necessary)
  • Include signature, name and position of the person, who signed the document, and date".

"What happens next?

If you believe your products have been removed in error, please reach out to selling partner support for raising a query."

REACH documents requested by Amazon for each ASIN are attached.

Please forward this case to the Amazon Product Assurance Team as per Amazon request, thanks.


Then attach your REACH docs at the bottom.

Best of Luck with it, hope you get sorted.




Alternativley, you could also try emailing your REACH declarations to the following email:




@Mike thank you for submitting this advice its very useful but I’ve tried this many times (with REACH docs attached) and then get in a never-ending circle of replies from SS -

“Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,
I understand that you are concerned about ASIN: ************.
Please be informed that usually such concerns can be resolved by submitting the required documents via the policy notification issued to this listing.
However, please do note that this ASIN has been discontinued/ removed from your account, i.e., we cannot find this ASIN in your inventory.
Hence, we could not escalate this concern for reinstating via necessary documents.
I kindly request you create a new listing for this product by providing all the necessary documents.
Wishing you a great selling experience ahead.” (I just love the irony here!!)

So basically, Amazon remove the ASIN with no prior warning, there are no docs required in my ‘Performance Health’ section, they do not accept retrospective REACH docs via a case as they say the ASIN is no longer in my inventory, they ask me to relist the ASIN (I can’t as it is no longer in my inventory) or ask me to create a new listing for the product which is time consuming and will ultimately involve the system generating a different ASIN number!

I give up!


Hello Makers,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The Business Team is already aware of the issue and is following up with the corresponding team to resolve it as soon as possible.

If you have suppressed ASINs due to this situation and your Performance Health dashboard does not show any required documents, please contact Seller Support; they need to create a ticket to escalate it.

If you already contacted Seller Support but did not get any resolution, please send me a private message to escalate your case internally.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


Does anyone know how long it’s taking Amazon to check over the REACH declaration documents?

I’ve got documentation I sent on 20th Oct that I’m still waiting to be processed by Amazon. Meanwhile, all the listings that were taken down without warning, that I quickly sent documentation for (most even the same day that they’d been removed), are still inactive when we’re in the run-up to the Christmas shopping period.


@Hazel_Amazon I have a number of ASIN’s affected - on Handmade and on the main Amazon site - can you escalate all? If so how do I send them to you please?


As you can see from the intervention by Hazel above, it appears that Amazon have now realised the situation they have created for many sellers.

Many of my cases that were previously being closed by SS (I was told the listing was removed, please relist or recreate it) are now ‘pending Amazon action’.

I still have a few in the never ending circle but hopefully these can be resolved now too.
It is a pain as its so close to the busy period, but its better than having the listings removed completely I suppose.


Hi Hazel!

We’re a small business that has had their ASINs removed about 4 weeks ago. It has been havoc for us. We’ve previously all ready had to provide REACH documentation which was approved but since about 4 weeks ago listings were removed. We’ve emailed and emailed Amazon but there is no resolution. Would it be all right to send you a list of ASINs to get this resolved please as under the Health Dashboard there is nothing indicating any requests!




Hi Hazel,

We are still waiting for a resolution this, can you please help us?


I got 8 resolved the other day from a list of around 56 supplied.

I’ve put this down to luck as when I asked about the other 48 I got asked to supplied Declaration of Conformity and CE marks - ie stuff to do with toys. When I responded and said these products were never taken down due to Declaration of Conformity Issues but REACH issues I got a response back asking for Declaration of Conformity information.

I’ve left it by asking how I go through mediation - they are looking ino it.

Apparently, if you are desparate you can signup to Amazon 360 who can apparently fix issues with listings that Seller Support can’t. You might consider that a bargain at £1,440 a month + 0.3% of your turnover.