Reach Testing for Jewellery Sellers


My REACH thing I submitted, I only did it on the one item and it’s got approved. So now I know the format, I’m going to see if my supplier will do the rest of them.


Any chance you could show us the accepted format @JohnLiquid please? I too have had my first batch accepted but they’ve been rejecting others since - no idea why


IS is a Case Log. Amazon raised them when they initially rejected my documents. Has Amazon indicated why they are rejecting them? They initially ejected mine because they needed an image of each product within the document. The second time was because my supplier had missed the words cadmium, nickel, and lead from the document.


Is anyone else in the never-ending circle with Seller Support regarding supplying REACH documentation?
They ask for documentation for an ASIN which is either already ‘Under Review’ or is not listed in the section ‘Performance/Account Health/Documentation Requests’.
I am in a constant battle reopening closed cases trying to explain to them that either I’ve already supplied the documentation (they write back asking for it again!) or I am unable to supply the documentation as the ASIN is not listed in the section above (they write back asking me submit it when I can’t).
Its driving me mad! As well as wasting my valuable time :anguished:


Yes, yes, YES.

It’s it driving me INSANE. Hours and hours dealing with idiots who just send a generic reply explaining how to upload documents and don’t understand that “YOUR SYSTEM HAS A GLITCH THAT WON’T LET ME UPLOAD THE DOCUMENT” - and they still close the case so our valuable listings will be pulled and sales lost. Our businesses, livelihood damaged - and do Amazon give a ****? No, no they don’t. I’m absolutely fuming with it all and wasting time when I could be listing new products making myself and Amazon more money.


I feel your pain - I’m sick of reopening cases too - but I’m afraid if I don’t, that the particular ASIN will be pulled from sale. I’m also getting emails saying that an ASIN has been accepted, then when I go into the Seller Applications page the same ASIN has ‘Declined’ next to it. Absolute shambles!


The same here. And I’ve had some listings removed recently that were sterling silver which is not applicable to REACH. It’s soul destroying the time we are wasting when we need to be getting prepared for Christmas :persevere:


I agree - I’ve not listed one thing in the last week due to lack of time!


AAAAaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh :rage:

@Jessica can you please do something about this issue?? (message from SS below - this ASIN is already 'Under Review" - I cannot submit the documents again. I’m afraid if I let the case close the ASIN will be removed)

"Dear Selling Partner,
Please be informed that we are unable to move forward with the approval process until the required documentation is provided.
In order to review your documents related to Product Assurance of Jewelry products, please submit them on Seller Central using the following steps:

  1. In Seller Central, click the Performance menu, and choose Account Health;
  2. Under Product Compliance Requests widget, click on Documentation Requests;
  3. In the search results, click the Provide Documentation link next to the ASIN;
  4. Follow the steps in the Submit required documents section to start the application process.
    This case will be resolved.
    We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for listing on Amazon.
    Thank you for selling with Amazon."


@Jessica I am also tagging you in this to kindly point out that many of us are affected and this is very distressing and time consuming as well as damaging for business. There is a system glitch that means when we click on “selling applications” - followed by “declined” (where we can then re-apply and upload REACH documentation) - the listing is either not there or when you click it it jumps to an unrelated page so we cannot physically upload said documents - meaning MOST IMPORTANTLY - said listings will be removed because we didn’t supply documents - hugely damaging to business. When we speak to seller support they tell us how to upload docs - we explain the glitch - they repeat the process and don’t listen, keep closing our cases. It’s soul destroying and rather infuriating!


Reach is applicable to Sterling Silver isn’t it?


No it’s not applicable (someone explained why last year in the forums - it’s all a bit too technical for me to try explain but you should be able to find it somewhere on another thread)

Anyway, if it’s a product entirely silver you can tick the not applicable box and Amazon will pass it (I’ve had 500+ silver items flagged and all but a few have gone through fine. Stainless steel on the other hand all need certification).

Hope that helps.


I think that person must have been mistaken. This is from the Birmingham assay office website:

“Nickel legislation applies to all items that are intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin. Specific products cited in the EU regulations include; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, anklets and finger rings, wrist-watch cases, watch straps and tighteners, rivet buttons, tighteners, rivets, zippers and metal marks. These could be contained in or intended to be used in garments.”


I am aware of this too, but sterling silver doesn’t contain the concerning metals apparently (I’m not saying this is fact - only what I’ve read and been told).

I can confirm that I have had over 1000 listings flagged for REACH confirmty requests - and appx 80% were sterling silver. For silver I ticked the “The requested document doesn’t apply to me.” box and this was accepted. I also did this in error for a handful of stainless steel items (when I was ploughing through them all I ticked the box in auto-pilot in error) and the steel items were NOT accepted so I got certification from the manufacturer (or deleted the listings if a manufacturer I no longer use). So I can confirm Amazon definitely accept this for silver. Whether that’s correct or not I don’t want to say as I find it all very perplexing myself! (but the fact that they don’t accept it for steel - but they do for silver - tells me this confirms silver is not applicable… for now at least!)

Hope this helps some.


Sterling Silver is an alloy, meaning it’s made from a combination of metals, in this case fine silver and copper.

Fine silver is 99.9% pure but too soft for jewellery making which is why it’s combined with the copper to make it harder, much durable and suitable for making jewellery. 925 Sterling Silver is so called because it contains 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper, as such there are no other metals present.

REACH requirements for jewellery pertain to the presence of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and nickel, none of which are a component part of 925 Sterling Silver.Therefore REACH regulations are irrevelant and don’t apply to Sterling Silver.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for clearing that up Mike, that’s really useful info :blush:


Mike sterling silver is not a fixed alloy. The requirement is that it should contain at least 92.5 silver. The remaining percentage is usually copper but can also contain traces of other metal, nickel for example.
You can find this information using google or wikipedia but you may do better looking for an authoritative answer on the NAJ website or contacting one of the assay offices for information.

Try a search for “nickel in sterling silver”

This all may be irrelevant for jewellery sellers on amazon though as Katy has said that amazon seem to be treating sterling silver as exempt.


Are there any templates for self certification?


Not that I’m aware of. You need to create one for each ASIN that Amazon has requested documentation for and if you haven’t read this link then this is useful info -

I haven’t been asked to submit anything since last summer, but the ones I did last year included: business logo, date, seller id, email, phone number, which marketplace selling through, ASIN, then my declaration and signature with name and owner of business name underneath.

The main part of the declaration stated that my business name met the regulations (I cited the specific regulation details) along with a statement about substances of very high concern (again I cited specific regulation details). Stated that the ASIN was a handmade product made by my business name and stated that the parts that went into my products I have either been provided with a declaration or testing reports.

Obviously, I only did declarations for items that I was provided declarations/test reports for the parts that go into them. There was one parts manufacturer that gave me test reports but only did nickel content and not nickel release rate so I couldn’t do self-certification for those products and therefore no longer purchase from them.


Has ANYBODY managed to get a proper answer from Amazon, or worked out a solution for this problem?

At the moment I have over 20 cases open and they keep telling me how to submit, I tell them I can’t, they tell me how to submit, I tell them I can’t etc etc and it’s driving me insane. Hours of faffing with no result to show for it… :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Oh and now I also have a handful of declined ones, with no explanation what’s missing… and some others go through without a hitch. Same supplier, same documents. Pulling my hair out.