Missing Responsible Person information: removal of your non-compliant inventory


Hey everyone,

I am still looking into this, have any of you received any updates? Adding to that, were there any orders that you received where you shipped to the EU? Or do you have any old stock in EU FC’s?



No updates, but now 91 items showing as ‘Pending’ on the RP dashboard, but ‘Rejected’ in the list, so can’t be appealed. All the rest have disappeared.

Only via the .co.uk site

None, and never have. We do not export, and never have.


I have not heard anything more. I have given up with Seller Support. I can not make them understand the question so I have let the case time out.

I have received no notification that any stock has been destroyed.

I have had a load of new ASIN that have appeared on the dashboard. I only sell these lines in the UK and have not sent any stock to the EU. I am a bit worried you will destroy the stock I have in the UK.




I am still in conversation with Seller support on this.

I did get a DM from @Paolo_Amazon but they didn’t reply.

In the most recent reply. They told me how much they sympathised with the situation and then told me they could not tell me which ASIN had been destroyed until I provided the ASIN.


We currently still have 93 of these (none of which require an RP).
The ‘Appeal’ system used to ask you for info on why you were appealing, now it’s just a button that flags it for an appeal, without being able to provide any additional information.

Those 93 have been sat in the list for ages because the appeal was rejected, and are now showing as ‘Past Due’ and there’s no way to appeal them again.

These are all also just variations of other items that have already been accepted and removed from the list (i.e. same item, different size)