IMPORTANT UPDATE - LATEST Scanning changes to Royal Mail Tracked 24 / 48


I have the same for the 28th

5 parcels were collected.

1 was special, thats been fully scanned and delivered
2 say " we have got your item"
2 say " waiting for sender to dispatch"

They were all taken at the same time!


Consider it lucky as we have hundreds here… Just spoken to RM over the phone - you will not hear anything constructive - just apologies.


we all need to do something. a customer service agent at RM will do little, or has little power to do anything.

people forget how important the mail is to people, from the guy wanting his Ford part to the mom buying xmas presents.
we need a reliable national service, it beginning to look like Amazon` as being that carrier


We always send Tracked 48 or 24. Last couple of weeks upgraded everything to 24 at our own cost. Over Black Friday and that weekend packages being scanned and arriving quickly considering they just had the strikes.

Issue seems to be on Monday 28th. Huge amount of packages went with our relief collection. None started to get scanned in until Thursday. More had a scan yesterday. Then some more today. Seems to be at all different hubs and some state “Peak Parcel Hub”. Of course the main issue is customers chasing, and if they contact Royal Mail they are told we have not actually sent the parcel yet!

Strangely packages collected later on that same Monday or Tuesday were scanned in and processed fine.


Bought 2 items on ebay Tues one arrived yesterday one today both 48 tracked.


My Postie told me that recently they were given a fleet of new Peugeots and it transpired it was done through some Exec doing the deal with his mate who worked for the dealer - Then turns out the peugeots kept breaking down as they were not the right cars for short/ stop and start type journeys (must of been diesels) so its this type of mentality of “mates rate” and " jobs for the old boys club" is why they are behind - No doubt the new scanners that dont work in the rain was another duff deal that lined some ones pocket.


My husband heard a similar story about ambulances (he was in hospital opposite an ambulance driver).
Some woman did a deal on a fleet of ambulances based on cheap price only, and they were useless as always breaking down - I won’t say which manufacturer !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i totally agree, these things go on or so it seems

i guess the broken new plate van looks good whilst they wait for the AA


i read someone in the health service ordered the wrong size of Ambulance and anyone over 5` 9 could not actually drive them as they were way too small cab wise.

let`s be honest people like you, the little shop and the likes of Neil should be running the UK, as things would get done well.
i think i went to the wrong school!!


Anyone else feel like doing some sort of uprising of small businesses. I know its not feasible but would love our own version of strike action - for all small businesses in the UK to not use Royal Mail for a week or something! Feels like we are being walked all over by both Royal Mail and the union and being taken advantage of!


I sent a batch of Tracked 24’s out yesterday, no network scan on any of them at the moment.

Including in yesterday’s orders were also x2 Specials and x2 International tracked, both with full network scans.

I’m also sending a letter to myself each day lol! Gives me an idea of how long they are taking to be processed and at least some reassurance, that the bag has actually been opened!


I have been seeing this for ten days or so - my way round this is to book free collection so that all the parcels are scanned as they are picked up - my postie is no longer cheerful but I am making the Christmas present he is giving his wife, so he does keep collecting from me (albeit in the afternoon rather than the allocated slot between 8.30am and 10.30am).


Given that it would appear, Tracked 24’s and 48’s aren’t receiving network scans at the moment.

In the event an order is delivered, albeit late to the customer, would it still be valid for VTR purposes, as it would then finally appear on the network, but could be delivered after the EDD?

What would happen to your VTR metric if an order is delivered late to the customer, but outside of the current VTR window, as it currently displays below.

Promised Delivery Date : 28 Oct 2022 - 26 Nov 2022

The ones I sent yesterday are showing - Deliver by: Fri, 9 Dec 2022 to Tue, 13 Dec 2022.


Mine all are…


Do you know where yours are initially processed?

Mine go through South Mids first.


it wouldn’t matter, they are the same as CRLs - if there is no scan but there is a tracking number, amazon will validate them


So nothing to fear regarding VTR, even if the tracking update simply remained as:

“Sender despatching item” - with no further network and or delivery scans?


yes - its the same as the CRLs we send
we’re currently at 88% as many aren’t getting scanned at all


Mine go to Jubilee.


Today, two orders are moving to Milton Keyes hub from Nov 28…