HFSS Advertising Ban - Amazon are WRONG


No I agree with the purpose of the legislation and the aims behind it, I just don’t agree with its implementation. If you go into any department store at this time of year, they will have a Christmas shop, and I guarantee they will be selling confectionery in it. Online though, specifically Amazon, if you type in Christmas Gifts, no confectionery products should in theory appear. This is the correct, strict interpretation of the law. This is my main issue with the legislation, it is inconsistent and unfairly penalises online Amazon vendors.
The government doesn’t realise, or simply doesn’t care, that very small businesses such as mine, in order to compete, generally have to sell on Amazon …in a very competitive market we simply don’t have the advertising budget to compete.


Yes, the placement of results in search terms would be classed as Amazon being the website and so would be restricted as per the regulations.


The advertising, so long as it fits within the placement regulations, is still allowed until January 2024 for EVERYBODY.
Amazon even link to the governments press release about the delay in their HFSS guidance - https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-delays-restrictions-on-multibuy-deals-and-advertising-on-tv-and-online

This is why when predicting our Q4 sales, we accounted for advertising still being turned on for specific terms (already part of our strategy since the start of this year in preparation).

Our problem is not with the legislation, ours is with Amazon as the guidance they sent out (which we relied upon) and the actual implementation are two very different things…


Our best seller in supplements that have zero HFSS ratings and are in the healthy category have had their ads suspended. I really don’t know what Amazon wants in relation to the inputs in the backend of seller central. I must be doing something wrong as I can see competitors selling the same product advertising on our product page.