Change to the sign-in process for Seller Central


Ah thanks for that, that might well be a winner!


Just testing it out now. Will get back to you with more info!


Hopefully that does work for your business now


The downside is that it’s forced. It should be up to the individual how they want to protect their account, as they’re the ones who face the consequences if something does go wrong.

For example, If I want to use a simple word for my password for a website, I should have that choice. Forcing me to overcomplicate things actually makes things less secure because it means I either have to have a physical list of passwords that can be looked at or stolen, store passwords in my browser which can be stolen by spyware/hacked, or accept that I’m going to have to change my password every time i log in, in which case nothing is secure because you only need access to my email account to have access to everything.

It’s jumping through hoops for limited to no benefit, and sometimes detriment.


I genuinely get your point, especially for your employees data preference. However, it’s your business and it could all disappear overnight if the worst were to happen.

Without additional protection you may wake up having sold £1,000,000.00 worth of iPhones to Germany. As I say I know people personally and professionally who had this happen to them.

They obviously got it sorted out but the effort and resources to do so, let alone time, was enormous.

Usually the account remains suspended for a short period, a week or two I believe, and then it starts to get back to normal. Little things like resolving “real” enquires and dispatching “real” orders etc even became a problem for the one chap I knew who was victim of a hacked account.

The way I see it is that (other than being required by law) you have car insurance just in case you get side swiped driving down the road. This is the same thing. The likelihood of this sort of thing happening is minute but if it ever does happen it will (temporarily) be disastrous and potentially destroy your business.

I know which way I’d go every time.


One major flaw - I am constantly told to add a mobile number to my business account but I cannot register my mobile number to my business account as it is already registered to my personal buying account and Amazon wont let 2 accounts use the same mobile number.

I do have an Authenticator app so presumably I can go that route - but Amazon really should allow the same mobile number on different accounts if it can be shown the accounts are same address.


My personal buying account and my business selling account have the same mobile number registered.


Strange - unless they changed it within last 6 months

Ive tried register my mobile number to my business account several times and it always says no as the number is registered to another account. Ive even spoken to Support on the issue and they tell me the same thing - same mobile number cannot be on 2 different accounts. Admittedly I have not tried recently so will try again and report back


Hmm - it seems for login security I already have my mobile number registered to my business account so panic over.

What it seems I cannot have though is notifications for any account problems sent to my mobile number as it is registered to my personal account!

It used to be a flat no when trying - but it seems now I get a message saying if I proceed then the other account will no longer have access to sales/order history and a few other warnings. I didn’t proceed further in case it then locks me out of my personal account for good.


Yeah - I got that error the other day - you can use the same mobile for OTP purposes - but the mobile for notifications cannot be the same as one on a separate buying account. For once it was good it gave a big fat warning as to what would happen!


Does anyone know if you will have the option to choose between text code to mobile phone (which is what we use now) or generate with the authenticator app. when you need to get a code rather than defaulting to one of these only. I know with some of our logins for bank accounts for example we are given the option at the verification code stage to choose how the code is sent


You can set your preferred method to receive the OTP in your Login Settings (you can do this now) and you can also setup optional backups.

On the OTP screen on login, you can click a link to state you did not receive an OTP and this will allow you to choose one of your backup options.


Thanks @osgood. That’s good to know.


Yes, I run via 2 mobiles and have a separate Google account on each so the Authenticator is also sparate. Solves problems with multiple accounts on sites like eBay etc


I have just got the e-mail, what is happening for those with no mobile signal?
I don’t have a mobile signal where I live, so my mobile is 20 years old and doesn’t do apps,
why cant we get e-mail, or landline verification?


Ok. So this has worked! We have a mobile internally that can receive the OTP. I have installed Microsoft Authenticator on my mobile as I am not always in the office. When it asks for the OTP, you click that you did not receive it. You then get the option to use the authenticator. You can set up the authenticator on as many mobile phones as you like - just copy the QR code and let everyone use the same code.

Happy days…means I can now go on my Christmas cruise without worrying that I cannot access amazon whilst away…so long as the ships internet works!!!

Hope this helps!


Happy to see it worked for you and have an amazing time on your Christmas cruise! :slight_smile:


You can choose any number to send the OTP to. I assume the authenticator uses internet rather than mobile phone reception so you should be ok


So is this going to be a text required every three minutes like Paypal or every 7 minutes like eBay? It’s not security when you end up wasting half your day waiting for and inputting text codes.


Hi @HashTagMyShop!

It will be required every time you sign in to Seller Central.